venerdì 28 luglio 2017

I can not move! Someone blocks me but I can not move

Help! It's the first word you'd like to say but you can not because you're stuck on your bed completely paralyzed ... It happened to me and thousands of people to sleep and then suddenly your eyes open and your body does not Responds to your commands.
Then comes the absurd or an unnamed black figure that approaches your bed and begins to feel like a kind of light pressure on the chest that prevents us from all sorts of movement. You would like to yell but you can not make any sound or the voice is so weak that you will not reach the people you would like to inform. It does not always happen but on rare occasions as some have called it in a thousand ways like "the witch syndrome" or "the black man who blocks people". What is it really? Scientific tests have also been done, but with few results, however, things happen a bit around the world in the same way:

1) She was sleeping and woke up suddenly.
2) Complete body paralysis and it is as if your muscles do not respond to your will.
3) A black figure approaches that seems to exert a mysterious force on you that does not allow you to do any movement.
4) The figure seems to have bad intentions and enjoys seeing you suffer.
5) You seem to die as if the soul was about to get you out of your chest causing you a great discomfort to your awakening.

Then everything goes back to normality and there are no side effects but only a great fear of not being able to figure out what's going on. Personally I can tell you that I managed to solve it by praying at the moment it is happening. Strangely, in fact, I noticed that during the prayer, the sense of temporal paralysis and fades away, and that the mysterious dark witch or figure tends to get away from me as soon as prayer begins. Some paranormal experts say that they are demons that love torturing people between dream and awakening, causing them a very strong fear. I can only tell you that the first times that happens you feel frightened and disoriented as it seems to you to live a real danger.

What can hide behind the mystery of sleep witch? Are they really demons that you want to "nourish" our fears?


Evil to death!

Telling a friend of mine, John of Rome, drawn from a real story of a boy to whom they had in the past made a death bill:

"John is a quiet boy and above all he did not have any enemies. One day, however, he argued with a colleague of his work that he believed in males and bills. It was precisely by this episode that John ended the peace and serenity of Her life for at least a full year. Everything started at the end of October 2006 when John, after fighting with his colleague, began to have severe aches in the abdomen so much that he was forced to take medicines in the evening that could relieve his One day while on the corridor suddenly felt a strong sense of vomiting, he just made it to the bathroom to get out of his mouth, and he went out of his mouth and went to the hospital to make all the findings of the case, but from the analyzes the doctors said that It was okay and that John was in full health.John returned home and went to sleep very agitated, and only for some time he could sleep. In the morning a scream awoke John ... he was the wife who told him to look in the mirror because it was amazing what was at that moment on his skin. John mirrored and saw that a series of dark spots similar to tattoos had appeared throughout his body. Then he ran back to the hospital but once the mysterious stains came out of his body. The days passed and John was living the worst nightmare of his life! He contacted an exorcist priest and asked him to look behind and under all his home furniture to see if there could be any unusual object hidden behind them. Then John turned the entire apartment and found a unusual tablet on the back of a living room with a five-pointed star! He immediately summoned the priest and he told him that someone had made a death bill. Then John, on the council of the priest, took the tablet and went to a field thrown over the holy water and then threw it into a hearth he had made for the occasion. From there John improved until the paranormal episodes to which he had been subjected did not disappear altogether ... "

Can it really be such a big offense on a person? Where did these arcane powers come to kill people if they really wanted it?


Telethrasmic paranormal phenomenon!

Moving an object with the only thought is it possible? Rol himself could teleport with thought and "re-materialize" objects in other remote places.
It was also the case of Cristina from the province of Venice who wrote:

"... I would like to describe my experience of the involuntary materialization of my home object from the living room to my bedroom. One day I was relaxed in my room to read a book when suddenly, as I am passionate about Paranormal, I have the desire to perform a psychic experiment.I tried to think intensely that a vessel I had in the salon could materialize in my room through the powers of my mind.When I opened my eyes, which I had closed to concentrate, I went to check in the living room to see if the vase was in place and I had further confirmation that nothing had moved. So I went out to do the shopping but when I came back I noticed that The jar was gone! I put all the envelopes and courses in my room and with great amazement I found the jar right where I imagined it to be! I tell you that the story is true and I'm not I invented nothing of what I told you. Imagine then that I am a student and that I live in this little house alone so no one besides me moves objects into my house ... "

Is it really possible for the human mind to be able to dematerialize and re-materialize objects in space? How could Cristina make this weird arcane power?


Witches and Stories of Witches ...

Witch ... The word is all a program! We leave the various sightings over the centuries and go to the heart ... Piero 32 years old for fear of being identified hides the geographical location and his name and writes to us this: "... I am Piero a man of 32 years and I live in Abruzzo. I say that this is a very bizarre dream, but it seemed so real to live in person.I'm afraid to tell you this story but I can never confide with anyone about it, so I decided to tell it in your blog to all the Italians in anonymous form. I can not tell you where I live, but I'll tell you the facts of what happened. In the dream, Veronica, a friend of mine, is my boyfriend and I usually go to a local in parts of my country on Saturday night to meet friends of our community.One night in October, boring as usual, because I would like to see you in a country of a few souls, we were sitting in the company of our friends but compared to the usual there were 2 people I did not know. Then he realized that they were acquainted with Chiara, my friend, who had done a few miles to come and find her in the country. After a few hours we were bored here, these guys came out with the phrase: "Do you know there is a place where witches gather at night around a fire a few miles from here?" A friend of mine told him that he did not believe them, and they told us to follow them if we wanted to see if it was true or not.Many of us, some because it was late and a bit because they were afraid they came back home but I, Veronica, Chiara and Simone (another friend of mine) decided to follow them curious about their proposal. We would drive the state for a few miles, then turn over some countryside roads until we get to a meadow where a thick forest began.We left the cars where the road was over and then walked into the night camps accompanied exclusively by our pocket bulbs. At that point we were in the woods that we could see virtually nothing, only a few moon lights that traversed the branches of the trees and illuminated the path. At that moment I began to feel frightened and wondered how stupidly I had accepted the unusual invitation of two strangers to me ... We went down suddenly and it seemed as if the branches made me a roof for a natural tunnel excavated in vegetation. Then I saw a distant light like a flare at 200m distance. There were rocks nearby and one of the two boys told us to keep us down and to stay silent without making us feel.A large hearth was lit in the bottom of a tree-lined basin, around which many women, some elderly and very young, dressed in black danced all around the fire. Then I saw a sort of altar made of wooden pancakes where there was a naked chest with head on a headgear made with the head of an ox with the horns that was having sex in front of all the other women with a girl. One of the two boys said in a loud voice that a friend had told him this place saying that those women were witches who in the evening practiced the sabers in honor of the devil! The orgiastic rites continued and now the man was dealing with more women at the same time while casting into the strange fire "dust" that burned the flame by acting strange satanic prayers as if it were a cantilene.I was doing it when I suddenly saw Veronica crying and told me she wanted to go away because she had a tremendous fear. I also told the others to go but in the elevation I slipped and in doing so I passed the rocks right in the direction of the witches! Some of them saw me and said, "Take them!" I jumped up and started running with all the strength I had in my legs while the others followed me with my wings at my feet. Without ever arriving we arrived at the car and traveled high speed toward the state road. Suddenly I woke up all sweaty, but since then for the sake of this dream I never ventured into a few enlightened areas and especially in the woods ... "
What is hidden in Piero's dream? Do the saber or demonic rites in which Satan is worshiped by secret confreres are really the reality?

giovedì 27 luglio 2017

Sea Monster ?

Well, what's going on the backdrops of any of us can know ... It's been a fact that many sea monsters have been spotted in recent years.This is the case of an exploration group that on 19 February 2009 saw unusual abbot creatures navigating on the seabed around Antarctica. Martin Riddle, at the helm of the Australian expedition group, said he had found some bizarre marine creatures like:

1) Spiders walking on the bottom having a large body like a plate.
2) Large jewels with tentacles capable of reaching up to 6 meters in length.
3) Huge worms.
4) Giant crustaceans

Many of them conclude Riddle have very large eyes even if they live in a totally devoid of light. Statistics say that Riddle's expedition has detected a good 25% of us totally unknowable to us as evidence of how incredibly obscure to us the marine world.

If you like the idea of ​​giving a "peeking" to movies with strange finds of marine animals, then I take you to the section of Soul One movies at the following address:

(See pages 8 and 9)

Every time I look at it, it comes to me to think that maybe when swimming in the sea, it's better not to get away more than that!


Pride of death!

Pretenses ... like a thrill that can slide on your skin suddenly it smells inside you like the hurricane before the storm ... But what is true about predicting the future? A kind of extrasensory communication between us and what will happen, like feeling something that must happen rather than seeing it. Metropolitan stories telling of people who have been able to predict their death well in advance, victims both in reality and in feeling alone. Like the story I was told a long time ago of a Rimini boy who two days earlier had written in advance on the pages of his personal diary with the strangeness of relegating the next two days that would bring him to the end. Let me briefly say a few lines: "... this morning I will go to school so as I will see my companions every day and spend the usual school hours. At the exit I will go to Federica because I miss to die and I want to see her again because I Fearing that something will happen to me today, then once I say goodbye, I will resume my bike and go to my home and hope everything will go to the best, if so you will not be a relative I am now reading my Diary know I know I'm dead! "

At 17.25, after meeting Federica, two days later the boy was driving his bike as expected from the last page of Diaro while returning home. Suddenly a car crashed into the opposite lane by hitting and killing the poor guy instantly!

My uncle predicted my grandfather's death through sleep as in the story I'm about to tell you:

"I was dreaming and I was in a room My dad was in a corner where I could not and I could not see him I asked him what he did and he told me that he was only a few months away to live and told me that in August He would die and that I should also say to others ... "

So my grandfather really died of cancer in August of the same year and as my uncle thousands of other people have for centuries been able to predict unlucky events like the death of a relative! But how can our mind succeed in doing all this? This is perhaps the so-called sixth sense ...


Morgellons syndrome

Suddenly it hurts ... shivers and how the feeling that something is sliding under your skin like so many insects that swirl quickly under the epidermis layer in a spasmodic way! Then after a few hours the body is covered with strange buchetti from which a strange black substance like tar appears before then to see colored synthetic fiber filaments. In the beginning, think that the end has really come to you ... then the hospital ride without any response after hours and hours of analysis will send you back home. Then instinct in front of the pc to look for care and here are the first results:

Morgellos syndrome ...

Worry start reading the article and find out how ignorant you have been since there are people, unfortunately, in the world that is affected by this rare but contagious illness unexplained! No quiet are not as infected as usual I dropped here and there and I found it very interesting to offer you this insane disease caused by an unusual unusual situation.

I write it so great that we understand it better:


But what then? The filaments that emerge from the holes are made of synthetic material which the body can not produce as a fabric ...


Probably from what you say it! Man's guilt then? Is it the fault of the usual forbidden experiments that are being conducted?
I do not tell you whether or not, but the fact is that this disease exploded roughly in 2002 in the United States causing a contagion among some people. To date, not only are you sick in the USA, but also in Europe and the rest of the world. What's accurate yet nobody knows the theories go from a virus not yet well-identified to crazy nanny robots that ruin the body that hosts them. Theories are many and go from bioterrorism to Aliens and other things. Morgellons produces strange effects such as skin and skin itching, painful stinging, fibrous skin (or skin) fibers, permanent skin lesions such as wound eruptions and more.

What is really hidden behind the Morgellons is no one knows, therefore, we can not attribute a fault to the right and it is also missing because, without making film scenes, it could just be a new viral form unknown to us developed in a completely natural way.

Even if you say all the nanny or nano robot scenery is not that surreal ... I leave to you all the judgments about it however meditate on the fact that there are people in the world who suffer from this serious discomfort.


mercoledì 26 luglio 2017

Evil Eye

So many people write to me and tell me their stories ... Now I tell you a whole life I have experienced and seen with my own eyes.
My grandmother was a magical person and had a great way to do things. Believing in magic, tarot, horoscope, and archaic, he had developed a kind of "power". From childhood when I was having a problem I went to her home to get rid of the so-called "bad eye" in order to benefit from both life and health. Evil is a kind of voluntary and non-malicious offense launched by other people to you. We have a voluntary evil when someone who rocks the curse does it deliberately through a magical ritual either has the unwanted evil when it is thrown without wanting it (for example, the envy of an acquaintance who maybe for your success in life has bad thoughts towards you).
The routines of purification were as follows: My grandmother took a deep dish and filled it with water then added a handful of salt to the bottom. He took the oil and put two fingers in the bottom of a glass in which he dribbled his thumb and rubbed it a little with his thumb. He was telling me to hold the edge of the plate with his right hand, putting my left hand on my right shoulder, then with his fingers that had soaked in the oil (particularly with his thumb) he started to make crosses on his forehead.Practice is secret, at least as far as words are concerned, as they can only be seen on Christmas Eve.Then she dumped her thumb in the glass again with the oil and dropped a few drops into the pot (a pair). The incredible thing happened here! As you all know the oil in the water for the laws of physics it should remain compact and float. If you do not have the bad thing this happens but if you do not have it ..... When I had the drops they scattered into the water by making faces of human faces or sometimes letters or maybe glasses like objects (eg for glasses meant that a person Who had the glasses had launched envy on him). Afterwards pour salt into the pot with water and pour it all in the toilet and then unload it. It wipes the dish under the water, it fills up again and reset of the whole (process that goes made up 3 times in a day) .We tell this story because it's really thrilling. We had a house in Abruzzo family, I was small I have had it and not 10 years, and I loved to go and run around the house with my bicycle, as the street could not go because my forbade me. The neighbor of our house, said in the village, that it was a witch and that it was better to stay away. This lady could not see me because she disliked that I girassi around the house with the bike and one day I made a beautiful fall hurting me. My grandmother, hosted by mine, came a few days and began to make purification rituals such as boiling my clothes with salt and first of all the anti-malicious ritual described above with the bottom dish. What came out of baffling! When the drops dropped into the pot, they drew a series of letters that we labeled on a sheet of paper. Then we continued to take the bad thing out of the way until we finished the procedure, and we resumed the paper to see if the letters were meaningful and came out this:

You have read well "bike" and in fact for a few days it was so that I fell I could not ride! Whether you want to believe it or not some people who had come to redo the garden of the nearby told me that in turn the land they had found some bodies of cats with mutilated head! Then do not tell me that they are just my superstitions ....


The Boogeyman is an ambiguous, mysterious figure, probably the result of fantasy or hallucinations ... But Piero, Gia Gia's father, a 7 and a half-year-old, tells us how his son told him a story that has an incredible ..... "
... I am ashamed of telling this story because I'm afraid nobody can believe me or that I can go crazy. One evening my son and I were fishing at the lake around my house in a warm and quiet summer evening. I suggest that where we go fishing is a quiet place frequented by few people and with a decent lighting coming from the neighboring road. There has never been anything strange in the area, but that night as the fishing was swollen with sails, I and my son Giacomo were talking and suddenly we heard a strange sound like a "bang" coming from behind the vegetation behind us . Giacomo said to me, "Dad, what's the matter?" And I said, "I have no idea there was any animal ...". We continued to fish for a few minutes, I think at most 5, then we heard the weird again coming from the same direction this time much closer. The leaves of the leaves began to move and it was at that point that my son Giacomo, who was closer to me, began to scream ... From my distance I saw only a black man's silhouette as if it were a mannequin dressed in a tights that He was walking in our direction! We went out and left everything where it was ... Giacomo had no courage to speak and he started to cry as I had not seen him for years when he was younger. We were near the bar at our house and it was then that, having calmed down, James began to tell me all his story. He told me that the strange being was completely black as if a black film layer wrapped it entirely in adhering to its shapes like a glove and that his face did not have eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It was as though every orifice of the face was flattened and the odd being could barely emit a sort of "bellow". Then my son just thought of the event burst into tears and told him to stay calm that I saw him too and that he did not have to worry because he was not crazy .... "

A story then made of a mysterious being comparable to the fantasy and mysterious "Boogeyman", spotted by two people who testify to existence. Contrary to what has been seen in the movies, this time he did not come out of the closet of a room but in the middle of the night by the lake. Is this an alien? Or does the black man really exist?

The Janare Witches of Benevento

Make an ancient legend that rocks its roots in a dark medieval Benevento made of superstition and magic where the local witches were called the Janare. A story I lived close to me that periodically I go to Benevento to find my girlfriend's relatives. Benevento's witches or witches were in the popular belief people with extraordinary magical powers who, thanks to a mysterious ointment with which they sprinkled the body, took flight after saying this sentence:

"... Above the sea under the wind bring me to the walnut ..."

But let's consider the phrase in particular to the fact that there is the word "walnut". Benevento 's walnut was in fact the meeting place of the Janare on the nights of sabba (a black ritual to worship the devil) in which the janes loved to mingle like animals and make mysterious spells, bills, jokes and rites of all kinds. In the popular belief the janares were badly seen by the people as they were able to create malefics and males that could lead to the death of a person. A story tells, for example, of a man who was suspicious of not finding his wife in bed one night following her the next night to see what she was doing. With amazement she saw that the woman sprayed her body with a mysterious ointment that she held in a jar and then pronounced the fateful phrase and set off the flight. The man saw this decided to change the contents of the jar and the next night, when his wife was about to fly away again, he sensed to fall to the ground and then die. The sabers became more and more frequent and the inquisition also came to Benevento by massacring Janare. Suffice it to think that St. Augustine cut the famous walnut tree, a sacred spot and absolute reference for all the locals. From one discourse to the other but always on the theme I would highly recommend trying the locusts called the "Witch" named by the Janare. But my question is still the Janare? And if the inquisition failed to do anything clean?


The house Matusita

Peru's Lima Lima .... In this South American city of popular beliefs and superstitions in a city district for years a house is a terror to the locals. Many talk about it, but none of them dare enter the house that for years has been closed and never inhabited as it is said to be infested with ghosts. We are talking about the so-called matured house a dwelling (see photo) that rises on the first and last floor of a building where it is said to have been the scene of horrible infamous events. But let's go back .... The mature house gets its name from a former owner Mr. Matsushida then crippled in the dialect zone in Mr. Matusita. This person was the owner of the entire building where the ground floor had a shop. The homeowner is currently owned by a local bank, which has left it for a long time, since even during their management the property had made some nasty joke for the company. Among them the fact that windows inexplicably at night opened to the sun, causing discomfort to the maintenance staff, so they were nailed with boards. But we come to the historical events that brought the home to become one of the most infested houses of the ghosts in the world: 1) At the time of the witches robbers the square in front of the mature house had been the scene of horrible executions by the ecclesiastical inquisition . It is said that the ghosts of deceived people sneak in those places. 2) A wealthy landlord had bought the house and had gone to live with his servitude. The man was arrogant and cruel with his own person who hated him from the depths of his heart until one day they decided to take revenge on him. The occasion was around the corner .... The man held a banquet with many guests and housewives decided to put drugs into food causing devastating results. The guests had a ferocious reaction and massacred each other ..... 3) A couple of Japanese spouses, after the mature home had been closed for years, decided to buy the property and go to live there. Her husband was a good person at work and one day he came back because he forgot about cards and found his wife in bed with her lover. Taken from a gesture of madness killed the lover, his wife, and little son and then took off his life by suicide. 4) It is said that the ghost of a monk spotted in those areas also goes around within the spectral mature home to terrorize those who come to visit. Everyone who entered the mature home has run out of fear and fright because of ghastly manifestations. Eyewitnesses say they saw people totally afraid to escape from that house at the speed of light! But then the ghosts really live there?


Demonic manifestation

I thank Claudio in advance for his public email that I really enjoy as a paranormal experience at extreme levels. But perhaps Claudio will definitely describe it better than me:

"Fear ... terror ... I'm Claudio I'm 19 and I'm not a believer or at least I was not before I ever got a horror film episode. I was at my girlfriend's house waiting for her to get out of the bathroom because He was finishing up for our afternoon outing. I was quiet and relaxed on his couch when suddenly I was half asleep and then woke up in a hurry because of a noise coming from behind a caretaker of the house. Better when I realized with such fear that my whole body was completely blocked. Suddenly fear wrapped me over when I could see the crystal move forward and something came out from behind the cabinet. At that moment, the blood came to the brain to scare And the heart seemed to be coming out of my chest! A head with unspecified lines came out from behind the furniture and was looking at me, then went out and headed toward me. To be vaguely reminded of a human being and his head was as horrible as that of a demon with the horns! The really unusual thing was that it looked like fire, but not the usual standard fire we're all used to seeing, but made of black flames that alternated with other dark gray ... I started to scream but my voice did not sound any sound To which fear began to numb my whole body! Then suddenly when the being was right in front of me and I was almost about to touch I saw that everything disappeared and the only thing I remember was all sweaty I was screaming squirming as my girl cried and held my hand worried! At that moment I thought it was not a dream because what I lived was so real that comparing it to a simple and banal dream would really be a heresy ... Not to mention the crystal that not only did not move but was exactly In the place where it has always been. But I can not believe it because I actually saw that terrible creature leaving behind after everything had really moved ... "

Claudio says he has seen a demon-like being come out from behind a living room's glass-maker but that he never really moved there. But how can a demon really come out of his own dimension and terrorize such a young person as Claudio? Is it possible that somehow through the powers of the mind linked to the sleep mystery Claudio has managed to open a mysterious "portal" between our world and that of devils or demons?
What has been Claudio still fails to explain it today and I do not think modern science can even explain this to you ...


martedì 25 luglio 2017

I spotted an UFO over my house

It was 1996 at that time I was living in south Rome and with my own I rented a suburban house on the third and last floor of a building. The house had a large external terrace on which, on summer evenings, I sat down to take some fresh. My passion at those times was to scrutinize the stars with a chord I had bought amateurly to observe the stars, since I had to rest from the hot summer heat, I spent a couple of hours in the evening in heavenly contemplation. For the first time, I saw strange flashes in the sky at night, a sort of sketch that spun at supersonic speed, for which I thought maybe it was a falling stars. Then the demonstrations became increasingly unusual as these "falling stars" behaved as follows: 1) They changed color from red, green, blue and purple to uniform in a whitish color, then recolour and start over with the sequence. 2) They shuddered first on one side then stopped, they made a move for the "here and there" series, then resumed in the opposite part and disappeared in the darkness of the night. 3) Sometimes they chased to make small moves in the air and then re-invented a little (in practice it seemed like a guided vehicle). Sometimes they seemed closer than normal and so they could see better. When they slowed down I tried to see them with the knock-off only because of their movements it was really a job to be able to center them well. One day I succeeded and this is what came out of it: - The object ... 1) ... it had a shape similar to that I saw in other UFOs, but I could only see similar contours like a flying disk because of the strong light emitted by it. 2) ... when it was moving slowly it changed color with shades from red to green. 3) ... drifting in the air. This strange attitude seems to be typical in applications closely related to electromagnetism so I thought its propulsion could be related to this applied force. 4) Unlike airplanes (of which in the distance any person who can hear can hear the rumble) the "UFO" did not sound any sound. At the time of intrigue, I began to read numerous UFO-related and UFO-related books trying to filter out what could be true and what not. In almost all UFO stories I read, I seem to find similarities between what I have seen and how much the other ones relate to. The motion system of these unidentified objects is also described in the same way as described above. Over the years I have come to a couple of conclusions: I did not become crazy because what I saw was pure reality either, or the military was doing some experiment for the aviation or there really are alien life forms capable of driving the so-called U.F.O. I talked to a couple of neighborhood friends and some of them reported the same version of the story saying that some times, even in the past years, they had seen unusual flying objects (UFOs) to go around in the heavens .... But then Are UFOs or are we ourselves secretly conducting experiments on such unidentified craft? -Shindai-

Chupacabra the cattle vampire

Chupacabra .... For a few years there has been talk of this mysterious being on which are the most "great notes" of the day. As is the case every time there is news about Chupa Cabra, thousands of sightings have been reported throughout America. Let's better see what it is: 1- The Chupacabra has made its appearance as being in the last 10 years (at least in my opinion). Before that I do not remember ever having heard about a being of the kind spotted around the world. Many say in fact that most likely it is a kind of genetic experiment created in the lab and escaped who knows where. 2- The word Chupacabra means "goat's suck" given to the animal as its peculiarity is precisely to suck the blood of cattle just as if it were a small vampire. Some breeders (we can not say whether true or not) not only claim to have seen him go around their farms at night, but they also brought real evidence of some Chupacabra bodies dead for inexplicable causes. 3- The Chupacabra lives nourished by just blood just like a particular breed of bats that does exactly the same thing even though the photos and bodies found are really like a small kangaroo with sharp canines. 4- Some witnesses claim to have seen him by describing it with a small being capable of emitting a strong acoustic sound similar to a deafening cracking. It is also said that his eyes, if illuminated, become tremendously red. Now thinking, I think how such a creature might have been concealed for so long without anyone ever seeing it. Can the chupacabra really be a genetic experiment? Or are we facing a scam designed to make some publicity? Certainly seeing it actually has a really unusual look and it does a little to think of how a small being (such as a cangurlet) can suck blood into the cattle until it is brought to death! -Shindai-

Obscures presence in the darkness that show me!

Claudio lives in the brands in a small village in which, as requested by him, we do not publish his name. Since the birth of the country, the people of the place, quiet and peaceful, has always conducted a quiet life dedicated to work and family. An episode just happened to Claudio, but one day he shook the life of this 28-year-old boy who describes us as follows:
"... It was a summer evening and I was cycling back to my house that it was not until 23.00 The road that goes to the house is typically countryside surrounded by long meadows and typical plantations of area Illuminated to the best.The air was fresh and the clear summer sky stood with its mantle of stars above me that with my bicycle I was going to return to my tired home of a day's work Suddenly Something in the middle of a field attracted my attention! A kind of animal very difficult to describe, also because it was in the dark in the middle of a meadow, with its vaguely human shape standing but slightly curved. He followed from afar with his gaze and then, passing him in front of him, I noticed the horrible being who was scrutinizing me with so much curiosity. I was distracted and in doing so I made a good fall in which fortunately did not carry serious injuries. I picked up the bicycle I turned and I realized that the creature had moved behind me to a 70 m! She had fire red eyes, and now she seemed to walk on four feet, and she was about to point at me with little friendly intent. Without thinking about it twice, I went to the saddle and started to run more than I could and clearly felt that the beast pursued me thirsty for blood! Fortunately it was less quick than I thought and so managed to do it in a matter of minutes. He returned home quietly and switched on the air conditioner not to die hot, but the worst thing was that night he could not sleep because I was afraid the animal had followed me up in the country. From then on I always carry a scacciacani in my bike bike when I know I have to go through those roads .... "
What could be the creature described by Claudio? Maybe a big wild boar that was confused with the bizarre being from the eyes of fire? And why did he aim to attack him? Excluding being a vampire or a wee wolf the ability to figure out what this animal really is about to grow to become a crater .... Aliens? Creatures we still have little known about? Chupa cabra? What could it be?

Strange flyer creature or a dragon ?

Giulia writes from Brindisi and tells us his very unusual visual signal of a mysterious flying creature:
"... Hi, I would like to tell you this story that happened to me and my boyfriend while we were on vacation in downtown America a place and an adventure for me unforgettable. Suddenly as we walked along the road we were quietly talking when all Suddenly something moving around the nearby trees drew our gaze to the fronds. A strange noise and an isolated figure like a small dragon or a prehistoric flying animal was moving between the branches at a distance from us about 250 m. Suddenly we felt like a succession of noises like branches that break until this creature came out, opened its wings by shaking it and lifting a big wind and then as if scared by our presence it sparked The flight and disappeared from the distance where we were positioned we could see that the animal had a long, pointed tail as if in the end there was a kind of puncture similar to D a spear, then on his chest it was like scales (or at least it seemed) and the wings were similar to those of a dragon. A small note I would like to add is that the animal before flying away has issued a strange cracking that made me shiver and made me very annoying in my ears as it was very sharp. I tell you it was day and that the day was perfect with so much sun and clear sky so we saw it perfectly in two ... "
A clear testimony of two people who spotted a hypothetical dragon or prehistoric animal flying a little as it did in the Middle Ages where the dragon's culture and myth was manifested in more iconographies of the time. But then what is true in Giulia's story? How come you and the boy in a busy day on a road have managed to see a mythological creature like a dragon? From what the dragons say, if they existed, they would be dinosaur's relatives only with a much superior intelligence and above all they would be able to speak according to mythology and interact with men. But if it was true that the last dragons are really extinct, what did that face to Julia and the boy? And how do youtube movies on strange creatures fly with very similar morphological features?
Look to believe ...

Golem - the mystery of the stone giant

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The Golem is a mythological Biblical creature represented by a living giant made of clay. This character is rooted in one of the first primordial Biblical stories, or the creation of Abraham, who, contrary to what he says, was created by God in clay and animated. But the Lord saw that Adam was devoid of feelings and so decided to give him a soul and make him become a man. It is said that the Jewish rabbis had the power to animate the golems through phrases of the Hebrew language. In particular, to animate a golem, it was important for his creator to write it on the forehead of the word EMET which means life, contrarily if you wanted to destroy it then you would have to write MET or death. Some historical testimonies reveal that a rabbi in Prague had created some Golem to help workers in the fields. One day, one of them escaped his control by devastating buildings and creating confusion between polo and the rabbi was forced to destroy him. Through the use of the written words it is possible to animate the golem with the "SCHEM" or a sheet on which to write the word "EMET" to fold and place it under Golem's language in order to animate it. The removal of the Schem would in fact not lead to the destruction of the stone but to the stop of it. The real ritual to give birth to a golem is not clear and it seems to be a hidden secret and jealously kept by the rabbis. It is said that probably the power of these words is closely related to the secret and mysterious enocyne language spoken by the angels. And if it was all true? Can a man of clay and so a Golem really be created?

- Shindai -

Demoniac possession and exorcism

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Testimony of a friend of mine who went to Umbria by a famous exorcist friar a few years ago for a mass of mass exorcism:

"... The church was crowded with people. I was sitting in a queue inviting a friend of mine who told me that her sister for a few months had taken strange behaviors screaming and running away at night at night. I skeptically decided To go and attend the Mass to see with my eyes. It all started normally when I suddenly began to hear the first screams of people screaming and barking on the ground in rage. Then I saw a lord Who started to make the whitish foam out of my mouth and I started to shake it from fear. I realized I trembled like a leaf because the screams were getting stronger as the priest pronounced the fateful words for the spiritual liberation of exorcism of the I told myself between you and me you'll see soon it'll be all over when the lady sitting next to me, who was pretty fat, lay down on the ground and started crawling like a snake! A stroke especially after I saw her crawl under the openings of the benches of the Church! Suddenly they screamed at him slowly as they went, until the only words they heard were those of the priest who continued his Mass that ended in a few moments .... "

Exorcism is an active practice today in Italy as in the world practiced by the Church to free people from evil. I call on all those who do not believe in reflecting on my friend's testimony because I believe in how I believe in the person who told me that I am very sorry and who, believe me, is really reliable ....


Vampirism is the probable truth

Vampires ... mysterious night creatures narrated in many ancient tales like the world and described as mythological beings capable of sucking the blood of their victims to live forever. Talking about generations in generations, some news here and there passing through the various Dracula and various themed television series .... so much popular belief and so much talk about it from experts to the ingenuants in matter but still want to tell them. But where are the trials? Let's take a step back and let's make a summary of what I've been able to find out:

1 - Vampirism has been heard from the Egyptian times through the most famous civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks and other well-known populations. Every civilization has given its interpretation and description on vampires but good or bad all agree on their existence.

2- By passing through the medieval ages these creatures are still sighted and reported. One of the most recent cases was the finding of a woman in Venice at the beginning of March 2009, who was accused of being a vampire and executed by the tribunal of the time. In the finding it was found that the woman was besieged with a brick in the mouth symbol and precaution against the vampires. Always at that time other sightings of alleged vampires were witnessed by the rest of Europe.

3 - Approaching vampirism and vampire sightings continued in our day, in the period from about the 1600s to the end of the 1800s. Cascading cases such as the bloody Elizabeth Bathory noble woman who fed the blood of young girls (in which Blood loved to get a bath) until it came to the real Bulgarian chronicles where vampires are described with extreme precision. Precisely of these chronicles, the police of the time found real traces of people who, although they died, months and years ago, recovered appeared to the incredulous eyes of weather medicine in good condition. By opening the tomb they had to find bodies in advanced rotting and instead the result was the finding of intact people in good conservation status with blood coming out fresh from the main facial orifices. Not only did these people watch the night and attack others to suck blood and feed themselves. The oddest thing at all was that these alleged vampires before their transformation into life had been people with a strange disease that in a few days had led them to death.

4- A modern medical theory explains how vampirism can be a real pathogen generated by a virus. Such a virus could be a rare variant of anger capable of transforming a person into a real vampire capable of feeding only and exclusively with blood. This theory does not have the science fiction on the contrary could bring forth a mysterious mystery as it would be a valid medical explanation for the vampire theme.

On the basis of the above, a question is still to be resolved. Let us assume that vampires still exist today and that the cause of their transformation is actually due to the so-called vampire virus ... but then these "sick" people where they hide themselves? Can they still have feelings and reasonings similar to us or somehow can the disease bring them back to an animal track?


lunedì 24 luglio 2017

Ghost on my bed !

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Marco from the Province of Bari writes us to tell us about his very bizarre experience. A story that once again speaks of apparitions or alleged ghosts ....

Marco writes: "Hi Soul's blog, fear and anxiety for what happened has prompted me to release my paranormal experience as if I was releasing myself from some sort of weight on my chest as it happened. I'm saying it's the first time that happens to me a thing, and that is a person who leads a healthy life free from vices such as drugs, alcohol and the like. But we come to the event ... I was in my room and next to me there was my wife who was sleeping peacefully I had just woken up and had just come out of my sleep when suddenly I felt as though someone was climbing my bed at speed, the bed seemed to sink into the center like the weight of a person sitting behind you. in a cold sweat with fear and did not dare to turn around then I braced myself and turned abruptly and saw that there was a girl with her legs crossed, sitting and staring at me with eyes completely blacks. it was as if no Had the white of the pup And at that sight I tried to scream but I could not give any sound, it was pretty much a choked cry! As I was sleeping in bed for fear I saw her vanish into nothing flat. My wife woke up and asked me what I would do .... If anyone can give me a reply I ask you the courtesy of posting it here because since then I have big problems sleeping at night and would like answers from someone who understands it more than Me ... Thank you Marco. "

Licantropo or supposed mannar

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Luigi da Siena is a 23-year-old boy. He writes, and for privacy we keep the anonymity, telling us his incredible story. A story made of a mysterious creature spotted Luigi personally a few years ago in a country in Abruzzo of which we include an excerpt of the text of the email sent to us:

"... My grandmother's country is so small that it looks like a small portion of the area I live in. People are quiet and the oddest episode that can happen in the country is the kitten that climbed the tree with the One night I was going to find my girl who, from my grandmother's house, lives about 500-600 meters. Lighting in the country is lacking in the streets so you can imagine the Scene, as long as you are on the road well but just look away to see beyond the dark the darkness wrap the shadow areas. I was almost coming to the destination when a noise attracted my gaze to the roof of my girlfriend's house. Which I saw was incredible ... Above the roof at a height of about 10 meters there was a curled creature like a wolf man! He had his eyes reflecting a yellowish light (a bit like for the felines when they light up From a source Bright) intense and looked me curiously. I was crazy I could not move and I thought I was jumping at me now and I'm dead! Then the creature turned my gaze away and made a jump down the road, looked around and with another agile jump and disappeared in the woods. I stayed at least 5 minutes without moving and the fear just did not hit me! What I have seen still can not define it but since then I always have a crazy fear to wander around those streets .... "

We thank Luigi for his story and remind you that if you have something to tell us, we'll post it here soon.


Ghost in my house

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I tell you this personal experience because the story really is incredible. Some time ago with my family we lived in a house in Rome where episodes occurred, during our stay in the home, which led us to believe, and to have concrete evidence that the home was infested with ghosts . But let's take a step back in time and let's go for degrees ....

1-Year (2006): When I was home alone I always felt something that looked like a presence that wandered between the walls of the apartment and that I was constantly spinning in the dark. For a few months he only felt this sensation continues until one day those who were just my prayers became reality. One night I was alone in my room ready to go to sleep ... I was drooling on my bed to think back to my working day when suddenly (imagine the room in the dark) they started slamming all the doors at the same time furniture of the My little room. This was just the beginning of what would happen in the years to come ...

2- Year (2007): Movement doors of the closet doors continued and the nights in which this episode did not begin began to count on the tip of the fingers until one day a thing made me stucco! I had just come back from work and I was in my bedroom, a scenario in which most of the episodes described above appeared. I had turned my back toward the door to feed my aquarium fish when I was Stretched I had a strange feeling as if someone from behind was looking at me. I turned around and in front of me I saw a little girl with bare feet walking slowly towards me! I was about to say something when he had just come in front of me and suddenly I saw her vanish as if it were made of smoke in the air ... I stood to reflect for a few minutes still amazed at what happened. I thought that was my hallucination and that all this would never happen again, but I was wrong. A few months later I saw ghosts coming into my room running toward me and throwing myself over my bed as someone who is suicidal throwing himself into a cliff! These scenes were so fast in their execution that I was left in stone, and whenever they appeared they did not hit me. Then months passed and everything seemed to be back to being quiet and I thought maybe it was one of my hallucinations until one day he realized he was not crazy but healthier than ever. My mother ran to me with eyes glittering with terror saying, "There was a little girl next to me sitting on the couch! I saw him swear!" I asked him how he was dressed and you can just think of how I felt after listening to his reconstruction of the facts! The little girl was exactly the same as I had seen him the year before, and not even doing so even her clothes were the same .. The months passed yet ...

3 - Year (2008): The slamming of the counters went and came but to this I had become accustomed to ... The worst kind of horror film was still to happen and the victim of the moment was again me. Returning home was Sunday morning, I was just all out, I said, "Mom came back" and I saw my mother sitting on the bed of her shoulder bedroom with her face facing the window so I went into the bathroom and managed after a few minutes . At the exit I looked for my mother all over the house and saw that she was not there ... When my mother came back late in the morning I asked him how he had gone without saying good-bye to me and she told me that that morning she had left home very soon So she had not come home! I become white in my face because if I did not greet my mother then the figure sitting on the bed who was it? a ghost? A presence? How do you want to call it? The months went by as long as the best episode ever saw me and my mom this time (there are other family members in my family but only to me and my mother maybe these things happen). One evening I saw my mother stopped in front of the kitchen door and said, "Come and see me" I went to the corridor and saw through a slit of the door that my father's cell phone feeder floated suspended in the air! ! It was as if a ghost was holding it in his hands and manipulating it to figure out what it was. Then the power supply came down and the event ended.

We have now sold the house and we do not live there anymore but what really kept the house still today is a real mystery for me ....