domenica 6 agosto 2017

Human Autocombustion

A strange unexplainable phenomenon where people have been victims of human self-harm in which a sort of endogenous energy could come to catch a living being ...
Is it really plausible? Can an inexplicable natural phenomenon like the one described above appear? Is the human body really capable of releasing a mysterious internal energy to bring it into combustion?
We now analyze some data and try to give a plausible explanation to the phenomenon of human self-destruction ....
There have been many cases in our previous century with episodes that have become famous as that of Mrs. Mary Reeser in Florida on 1/7/1951 in St. Petersburg where the woman was completely found in ash but the lower limbs were intact or in part Damaged by the fire.
Unusual human self-burns were all the same:
- The people who were found wholly burned the upper part of the body but not the legs down the jumbo.
- People who were victims of human self-destruction did not trigger brutal fires at all the house or place where the phenomenon occurred but the event was limited only to themselves and to the few objects around them.
- It should be noted that these people took all alcohol and drugs.
- On the spot there were almost always objects that could trigger a combustion phenomenon such as cigarettes, lighters, etc.
- All the victims did not feel pain in burning.
Theories could be many all very interesting but no precise and sure to be the real one. It has been hypothesized, for example, that alcohol taken by the victims may have come into circulation and that by an unusual chemical-cellular reaction it may have generated so-called human self-combustion.Some have said, for example, that human self-combustion may be due to a candle wax-like effect, or once the body burns, it begins to melt the fat so that human combustion can use fat as fuel . But this would not explain why the part of the bones is reduced to dust, which is not the case with normal combustion.
The fact is that human self-destruction really makes a great paranormal mystery, especially for how it is manifested, as it is not explained how such a phenomenon suddenly and violently occurs above all without causing pain to the victims who are affected.But what is behind the human self-destruction phenomenon? Is it possible to ingest a substance that, once entered into the circulatory area, can generate a chemical phenomenon within our body that can be sprayed within a few minutes? Do I focus alcohol or a drug with human self-burning?
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