mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

A fish from the human face

With great surprise today I open an email and with great curiosity I find out the things a reader narrates and that I was really curious and very amazed. This is yet another proof that the sea hides in its abyss unusual marine creatures that go beyond what scientists call criptozoology. Carlo says: "... I was on holiday at Silvi Marina and in the evening I used to go fishing for my passion for the sea. It was a really quiet evening and on the beach there was not just me so calmly I started to fit my own I remember fishing in the first two hours with three corners and maybe such a fruitful evening I had never lived so I continued, and decided to hold on to another orbit. I pulled to the shore thinking that it was supposed to be a big big fish. I came up with the screen to the shore but felt blood blew in my veins when the fish came out of the water and made a cry of pain as if she were a normal person! Like a human being and with my trembling hand I picked up the torch and pointed it up and saw with horror that it was a human face, but with the body of a fish! I lifted the rod back into the water and cut the line and saw it Swim away ... I was afraid three I mumbled like a leaf and that chilling curse had gone into my brain and I felt it over and over and over again in my mind. After that experience I'm still fishing but something like that I believe and I hope you never understand me again ... " Already others happened a fact similar to what Carlo tells us and fish with the head of man found one in northern Europe if I do not remember badly. I just wonder if it's horrible genetic mutations or life forms unknown to us like sirens and tritons. Sure, is that the sea in my opinion represents for us a world that is still unexplored and full of insanity but also of natural wonders (or made by a marine people?) To us still unavailable. -Shindai-
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