martedì 15 agosto 2017

a night in a wretched house

Spending a night in a wretched house ?! It's crazy but you could do it ... maybe not alone, as Chiara tells us, but in company it would be much better ... "... A few years ago I went to my grandmother's summer holiday often. I had a comedy, and one day we talked about an old abandoned house and, as often happens, where everyone says it, they started out the most absurd stories Of the world connected to the building ... The days following the question became more and more interesting by the whole group so that I suddenly posed a challenge to all those present and said: "One night in the house who's pointing at me ?!" After a second of silence I became the bettor and they were the bettors and asked that in return I wanted a part of the win in case of success. Of course the unusual story of a strange and lonely lord called by the country the "crazy" who lived in the house was not that I really liked the idea of ​​getting in there but I was courageous and decided that the challenge itself had to start in the evening . I told my mother that I would have slept by Ilaria, I could not tell her I slept in a strange house, so I took my backpack after dinner and came to the place where my friends were already waiting for me. Four of them decided to stay out all night to watch me and the others went off at around 23.00 ... I came to the door that I had my heart in my throat and I wondered if they would not get around me for the rest of my life now. I pushed the door under a bit of friction but opened up into a large salon wrapped in darkness The air was heavy and dusty so lit a flashlight and opened some windows downstairs where I was. Everything had been left as it was but what I was curious about was actually the top floor where the old lady's bedroom was located .. Slowly climbed the old wooden staircase and I came in the long hall of the upper floor with my heart to Little did not explode in the chest. I pushed the door of the room but it was all quiet and there was a bed, a wardrobe, an old dresser and a rocking chair ... They had arrived at 2 in the night and I was curled up in the corner of the room and everything went well. I was looking out at the window and saw that one of my friends was in the street and that a cigarette had turned on and then suddenly a noise to my Shoulders and the door closed! I went to open it but it was blocked and did not seem to want to open it ... it feels like a squeak and turning me I missed the air because I saw that the rocker had started to move without reason! He did not stop for two hours while trying to open that damn handle until "clack"! The door opened instantly and as a rocket went down the stairs ... It was 4 I tried to open the door but nothing .. I knew I would miss the challenge but I was doing it so much that I started hearing the steps coming down the stairs! I did not imagine the crunch there was and it felt right! Then they ended up and remained silent for another hour and a half in that really wretched house the weather seemed to never run! By 5.20 pm the terror plunged back upon me as suddenly objects were scrapped from side to side! I prayed and stayed so for 50 minutes then here is the day !!!! The door did not open and the phenomena had ceased already for a while so came out of the window shouting "I won!" Telling the story no one believed me looks amazing but they got me mad! However, I will never forget my experience of the paranormal experience that has changed my life forever and made me passionate about unusual events ... " Thank you very much for your story I really like it very much and sincerely also I would like to have a similar experience and hope that one day I will do it all in my own way. -Shindai-
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