venerdì 18 agosto 2017

A powerful offense

"I'm afraid ... I sleep no more and I see things I should not normally see" So today begins an email of Cristina's story I bring you and I would like to analyze with you to better understand what has actually happened these days: 1) Cristina says, "First day .. one day I started to vomit suddenly blood then worried I went to the hospital doing all the checks of the case, but nothing, I was so well doctors that it was absurd to think that such a symptom Manifested in me ... " 2) Cristina says, "Second day ... I hear it knocking out of the window and knocking the crows overnight, then I look at it but out there is practically nothing. The vomiting has finally come to an end because the night before it was again proposed and I was scared to death, I left the window open and when I came back the room was full of crows! I shouted and I flew out of the window fortunately ... " 3) Cristina says: "Third day ... I start to hear rumors calling me by name then I feel like a cantilen in a language I can not understand and that in itself has something satanic ... I feel cold and many times In the room I feel that the temperature drops below the "0" so I am forced to constantly change the environment in which I am. " 4) Cristina says, "Fourth day ... I'm getting more and more frightened and the rumors blow me up! I called a kind of herself and today she says she wants to take off a powerful bill they did to me. And begins the ritual during which it sparks candles and burns a substance that I believe is incense. Then it says something and suddenly I see and I only notice myself with the tail of the eye that in a mirror there is something that moves I mirror you and I see a demonic figure near me so I shout then your iniza to pray louder and salt everywhere.It breaks a glass and I feel the heart that is going to explode and at this point I'm faint and I do not remember Nothing at all! On my awakening, the magician had clear wounds on his arm as if a claw had touched him and assured me, saying that now all the bad was taken away because I was a victim of a horrible bill! " Reading the email I'm still shivering for this story so loud that Cristina tells us with so much fear among the lines. Incredible this event, which in itself represents a powerful work probably made by some witch to Cristina's damage. Demoniac presence, crows and voices all seem to come back to Satan's work as these appearances are clear signs of evil. -Shindai-
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