giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Ancients syndrome

This is one of the contemporary themes that fascinates me because I consider it a secret in secret, because what I am about to tell you not only roots its paranormal roots, but also about the genetics of individuals. There is an inexplicable phenomenon through which actions taken by our ancestor or parents could be re-done by us, and this type of event takes the name of anthrax syndrome. Let me explain better and give you an example ... imagine that your grandpa fell on the stairs many years before hurting one leg. Because of the anthrax syndrome this could happen to you or your son for years on the same leg as your grandfather had done wrong. This is just one example but reality is very different indeed in fact all over the world have been reported cases of anthrax syndrome showing incredibly how some events can be repeated with the same dynamic over years on different subjects. All this, once coded to 100% human DNA, could be unveiled by genetic science as it would seem that a person's genes would be the cause of the anthrax syndrome. The second hypothesis, much more fantastic, might sink its roots into a sort of fictional design that could repeat, with mathematical precision, similar events at a distance of years scatenado in fact the anthrax syndrome. Will superstition or is there really a certain factor that triggers the mechanism of the anthrax syndrome? -Shindai-
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