venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Anti malefic

More and more people are looking for help on bills and males, unfortunately I'm not a wizard and I do not sell shit that promises miraculous "cures". Likewise, I will not soon go to actions to "shake" money to good people in exchange for phantom rituals useful for purification and for this reason I will only give you simple advice, especially free, on how to act when you receive an invoice. First we analyze the problem at the root ... An invoice, voluntary or not, is a negative force that directly affects the person who receives it, because it is negative, is a derivative of evil. As a brochure on the other hand, there is also good, so it is good to know that there is an opposite force in grando to influence the negative event that hit the victim of the bill. The ways to make an invoice are many and can not be described by anyone but we could group them for example: 1) Through the use of objects that belong to the uninhabited 2) With a photo or portrait 3) Involuntarily (see, for example, the Evil of All Evils or Envy) 4) With a special ritual This at least in principle ... The bad guy can do the following: Try to figure out who the creator of the bill is Look for, if present, the object of the bill that could have been hidden inside or outside your home Purifying through the procedure to take away the evil eye I can remember can only be revealed in the evening of Holy Christmas Address, in the most serious cases, an exorcist priest In the case of Poltergeist or other persecutors who can persecute you at home, go with religious prayer rituals designed to disinfect the environments If you are a victim of witches who torment you at night, put a trash broom behind the door but inside your home with the part to sweep upward and the handle to the floor. The witch will have to make a number of rounds around the house like the broomstick of the broom and eventually will give us up because it will be a day! Wash boiled water in a saucepan with salt and holy water, but be careful not to ruin them! This decreases the effect of the disaster received. Blessed candles burned in the house, do not get burned and intoxicated and above all do not become a paranoia, they help from time to time clean up the environment To be blessed several times by a priest this helps a lot in the purification process Pray and not always blaspheme in the period of persecution by the bill Try to understand that I do not take any responsibility for the above but I can tell you that it worked with me on some occasions so I just wanted to share this "anti-billing manual" with you all. -Shindai-
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