venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Automatic light !

We now face a theme that I had the honor of living directly on my skin and in addition some blog readers report the same thing to me as is the phenomenon of the lights that come on alone. In my bedroom there are light bulbs on the bedroom bedside tables that suddenly illuminate the night without anyone touching it and lighting it up ... Strano no? Not to mention how the dvd player can be turned on, so that a "spring" button is pressed to be turned on. But this is another talk ... A reader says: "... the manifestations continue .. now that we have always been there .. in the sense that the lights have always blinked .. lately more and more .. with true black outs .. I was thinking It was an electrical problem at first. The problem is that the bulbs are ok ... now we have to figure out if it's another cable problem or who knows what .. it always happens at the same time .. overnight at night .. . " One at night? Strange because that time also happens to me .... Why do most of these phenomena happen in the middle of the night? Even in the legendary metropolitan stories these events, it does not matter because, almost always mostly prevalently true that hour ... Whether you like it or not, someone makes us scared and we can not do anything at the moment to prevent these phenomena from being stalled in some way. If you feel the necessity you are experiencing with a ensorcista or some Christian ritual, hoping that the home may be eradicated by this problem in some way ... -Shindai-
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