martedì 15 agosto 2017

Automatic writing phenomena

Let's go now to touch the key of what is called automatic writing or how people, especially if sensitive or in any case prepared to have certain powers, can write sentences or, in some cases, real dialogues by making communication with the beyond . There is a guy in the blog describing his story saying: "... I'm afraid of automatic writing because one day I tried at amateur level to put it into practice and the result scared me to death! After concentrating a lot my hand started writing on a sheet and I could not More to stop it ... My heart was strong and after about two or three minutes I finally managed to pull it off from the sheet I could not look too afraid. I got out of my room and decided to go playing with my balloons But I knew that when I was back that piece of paper was there to wait for me and I could not have the courage to look at it.I returned home I went to my room and took the courage with two hands and held the sheet to look at it. I had drawn a face, though it was very stylized but it was, with the words "I'm clear ..." below with a written statement. My heart was so strong and I was afraid I ran into the street and burned the design into a sheet of jar I had found by accident ... I did not have the courage to hold it I thought I might have evoked something I did not have to fear that the sheet Could hurt me I burned it as explained above ... " This and many other episodes have been the topic of discussion by many experts, especially psychologists, in the field who lead automatic writing to the subconscious's simple expression (see Freud). From many analysts, automatic writing is also used as a therapeutic form to get to know what is termed "repressed memories", while for others it represents a form of communication (just like for spiritual sessions) with the world of the dead. Even this, at least as far as the paranormal side is concerned, remains a sort of mystery today, in fact, I strongly believe that being able to "connect" with what is beyond the automatic writing gives me the sense of a "messenger" between Medium and dead person! Sincerely, having not lived in such a personal experience today, I find myself somewhat skeptical, a bit curious and eager to attend at least once in the life of this event, perhaps not personally experimenting with my hands, but it would be enough to just watch it do ... Is automatic writing a form of communication that is really plausible with the realm of the dead? As always my advice is not to venture too much into a world we are newbie and of whom we only know a very small part. -Shindai-
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