mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

Being a victim of a sect

A disconcerting one that speaks of a problem related to deception and psychological tricks of hiring people most of the time for profit. It has happened and hundreds of people still happen to have been victims of a sect for which they have forsaken their lives and even their identity. We do not specify which seven we are talking about, but just think that they are satanic, pagan, Christian, technological, futuristic or otherwise the phenomenon of sects in Italy and in the world is on the rise. I have the impression that the religious world (and for religion involving all the doctrines) is jagged in so many under blocks as it happens in political factions. For example, let's talk about the Christian world, since it is the closest one to us, who was once piloted by the Church, but today more and more seven philosophical Christians are living and creating true confraternities. There are testimonies of people who have fallen into the sects, of any religion we do not make names for equal conditions, which tell of really happened stories that are chilling! People who had lost everything and had almost been reduced to slavery pressed by moral blackmail and humiliation that would push them almost to suicide. I sincerely hope that more and more people will follow their example to get out of a dungeon from which you are getting more and more sucked in like never-ending black vortex. -Shindai-
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