venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Changed states of consciousness

Let's go and analyze another very interesting book that has caught my attention in a mix of science and mystery topics that take the title of "The Changed States of Consciousness" which I give you a brief description of the back of the book: "The most remarkable and current feature of Marco Margnelli, an internationally renowned neurophysiologist, was his scientific curiosity for unusual and fascinating issues, coupled with a great methodological rigor. Margnelli represented a strange synthesis of science and mystery. He faced courageously some delicate issues such as ecstasy, stigma, sudden healing, and premortal experiences, with a background that could be summed up with the expression "critical empathy": benevolence towards people involved in spiritual experiences Limit, without giving up on rigor, in a search that clarifies this abyss of light and mystery that we are. Father Emidio Alessandrini holds a doctorate in Theology with a work on extraordinary and magical-superstitious phenomena. An expert on topics related to psychopathology and the use of exorcism, he has collaborated with Marco Margnelli in investigating certain subjects related to controversial mystical phenomena. " Another important and valuable source to read, another "Must" to fill the paranormal experiences from a critical point of view and at the same time scientific at a truly unreasonable price, only think € 14.00 for another jewel of Publishing house "Di Renzo" available from the following link under the category of the site "Dialoghi": Changed states of consciousness No advertising is just a suggestion for the best texts as what you can see in the side menu on the famous theme of the syndrome of the ancestors, which renew the invitation to read. -Shindai-
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