domenica 6 agosto 2017

Chemical wake

"Chemical wake" as the English or mysterious chemical sciences released in the air produced by aircraft engines and seen as a conspiracy by many fans of this mystery, secretly triggered by government agencies.

But a plot of chemical sciences by whom?

To date there is no evidence that they can blame governments, seven secretaries or other movie fantasies ... The opinion of scientists in fact seems to give an explanation to the event as simple condensation trails, as American aviation reaffirms, it would be A total buffalo.
But American public opinion in 1996 contrived by pointing his finger on the military and blaming them by spreading, through the use of air routes, mysterious experimental substances which remain in the area much longer than normal condensation traps.
It then went to the theory that chemical sciences would release substances that could mitigate the so-called global warming released in the air so as not to make too much suspicion for the population.
Many theories, many analyzes as we would say but no real feedback that can truly witness the truthfulness of these famous chemical sciences that make the whole world speak. Even though there is no certainty, the subject is still a debate at parliamentary and political levels today.
But why should a government release strange chemical sciences? Mind control? Substances that manage to control people could have been included in what are now called chemical sciences?

Think about what you want ... However, I strongly recommend that you do not confuse them with other nice things like fertilizer sprinklers, fire extinguishers, meteorological strains and so on to talk to those who have the most ...

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