venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Cthulhu's scream

In addition to being the title of a fantastic series, based on Lovecraft's author's stories, Cthulhu's scream could be an ancient prophecy encrypted in the black book of the dead or Necronomicon. The legend says that "... when the stars and planets are aligned then Cthulhu will emerge from his exile in the abyss to devour humanity ..." Let's take a step back .... At Azaif said that Necronomicon had been written by him and that the text and underground worlds he had visited had brought him to madness. Then the same necromancer was killed in mysterious circumstances by a horrible invisible beast in the daylight that practically banged it in a square in front of many people who stood in front of that event. While it is true that these creatures exist and populate an underground world, described by Al Azaif as a demonic world, then Cthulhu is also a reality and is actually imprisoned in the abyss spoken of by Necronomicon. We are only in the field of hypotheses, however, because we do not know and we can not rely on these statements if we can not yet say with certainty whether Necronomicon is a true or pure commercial invention of Lovecraft. But if all this is true when stars and planets reach this mysterious astral alignment? Does not tell you anything on December 21, 2012? Let's make 2 + 2 and if all this is true we should not count only with the climatic upheaval that will take place due to the change of land poles .... Think of a being thirsty of revenge for man, Cthulhu, if this "fairy tale" narrated in Necronomicon makes sense then we start looking for a shelter because that will come to look for us sooner or later .... No alarm however .... For now, they are just suppositions on a text that has yet to enjoy an authenticity approval. -Shindai-
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