venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Dream God

Is it possible to get to such a state, in sleep, that it can lead a person to dream of God? This is because it is what happened to a reader of Soul One who has published in the forum this wonderful and interesting mystic dream: "... I told you the dream that has upset my life ... I was in a village in Vietnam with straw huts and of course the village's santon with its home on top of a small plateau. A village resident approached me telling me that the santone had sent me urgently ... I went to him, climbing the stairs that led to the door of his hut. When I got to the door I knelt down and saw his feet wearing leather sandals, but I never looked up to look at him. He ordered me to go looking for a sacred stone table, which was in the nearby village, and to carry it. I immediately walked in, and when I got to the nearby village, I noticed that everyone was in the party, with huge Buddha statues. As I walked into the village, I noticed that the statues were ever smaller, and they were scornful characters Towards Buddha and Buddhism in general. It annoyed me a lot, as I'm a non-practicing Buddhist, but I kept walking, when my eye fell on the stone table I was looking for .... I picked it up from the ground and went back to the village ... as I went up the stairs leading to the hut of the saint, the stone tablet opened in my hands, and I clearly saw the face of Jesus Christ. At that instant I heard a strong and determined voice that began to bless me in Latin saying "IN NOMINATIONS PATRI ET FILII ET SPIRITUS SANCTI" He repeated these words in an increasingly strong and determined manner, and I began to weep as I continued climbing the steps ... I was crying ever stronger and the forces began to fall, less and less .... When I got to the door of the hut, I was kneeling, with my head virtually leaning on the ground, with no strength while I was crying like a desperate ... At that moment I saw the feet of the saint, always with those leather sandals at my feet ..... and woke me up .... " In this dream we actually find a meeting more than with God with his son, Jesus Christ, in an image of if practically divine. The fact of crying is related to the power of Jesus who transmits to man a strong spiritual emotion, causing him to fall into a state of body abatement with consequent satisfaction of the soul. I thank the Spacetraveler user who has published this experience sharing it with us on our forum that you find on Soul One's site. -Shindai-
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