martedì 8 agosto 2017

Edward Kelley

We close the circle and talk about Edward Kelley to link to what is the picture that revolves around the post of Enoch's language and the mystery of the pair of scientists with John Dee. Edward Kelley (1555-1597) was like Dee a devotee of paranormal and esotericism but also an alchemist and researcher in the alchemical field of time. Edward Kelley was also a clairvoyant and above all a medium that was able to evoke angels and demons in crystal balls and communicate with them thanks to Enoch's language. When Kelley and Dee knew they understood that the esoteric knowledge of one and the other would have led them to conduct remarkable experiments related to the paranormal and occult world through which they would surely have gained and gained popularity. Edward Kelley is said to have discovered a mysterious process through which he could produce gold with the help of a well-identified red powder and pieces of vile metals. From the merging of these elements, Edward Kelley succeeded, amazed by Dee in his performances, to reproduce a gold of high quality and fineness so that he pushed the two to bring this knowledge in the presence of some sovereigns of the time.

But what was the red powder holding Kelley? It is said that Kelley had justified the nature of the dust by declaring that some angels had given it to him after one of his numerous esoteric sessions. Kelley was detained in Prague under Rodolfo II who wanted the gold that the alchemist could reproduce in the lab. Kelley settled Rodolfo and produced the gold asking for his liberty, but after a while he was arrested again and imprisoned. Right from a prison escape, Kelley died as the rope to get off was too short and in the fall he suffered serious injuries from which he could not recover. Sadly both he and John Dee will carry with them in the immense secret grave ... Strange and bizarre characters! ... Certainly we would have baptized it today as the oddest couple of the century.


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