giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Grigorij Efimevic Rasputin - the magician of the court of Russia

An ambiguous character in the midst of a saint and a shaman hailed by the court of Russia for his ability to heal people and to be able to do real miracles "floated" in the early 1900s in the royal court of Russia. A person hypnotic gaze like a magician but also a monaco whose name was Grigory Efimevic Rasputin which story begins in the distant days of 1905, the Tsarist court of Nicholas II and then have a long way in that particular area for 11 Long years. Rasputin child suffered from severe pneumonia who also killed his brother, but the monk managed to survive and is said to have a vision of the Madonna who graced him by saving him from certain death. It was then that he devoted himself to religious life by becoming part of the Chlisty a religious philosophical sect that strongly criticized the work of the church of the time. Then Rasputin began to turn around for the major cities of Russia and was fortunate enough to know a number of prominent figures of time, a fortune that led him straight to the Tsarist court in a casual event that determined Rasputin's life forever. It was 1905 and Alessio's little son, Queen of Alexandria, was about to die of hemophilia and could not stop the tremendous loss of blood. Rasputin was called to court and thanks to his paranormal powers is said to have stopped his loss and that with his prayers succeeded in miraculously healing the boy in the following days. Rasputin was famous for his powers as already in the religious sect to which he belonged had performed rituals in which he had manifested all his power. Since then, Rasputin began to become part of the imperial circle and became one of the most powerful men of all of Russia at that time, so that he could refuse the role of Bishop in order to be able to remain courtly. The outbreak of the First World War was for Rasputin only the beginning of the decline, because for his pacifist theories he was accused by members of the political faction opposed to the tsars of being a traitor to Russia. But Rasputin could count on the Zar in person and no one could touch him and it was then that he took the idea in the minds of his opponents that killing him would be the only way to go. Thus, on a night of 16 December Rasputin was poisoned, fired and beat him several times to the skull and then thrown him into a channel called Malaja Mojka where the body was found in less than 48 hours. Rasputin was a sort of saint but also a worldly man and woman who loved to entertain with the beautiful ladies of shorts but was famous for his amazing paranormal gifts through which he could heal people. But what's hiding his mystery this maybe we will never know .... -Shindai-
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