domenica 6 agosto 2017

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels is one of those words that we certainly felt and was particularly concerned about the teachings of catechism or perhaps about some television broadcast. Some time ago I even read a book on the subject in which the guardian angels were described and of whom we were told that each one of us owns one.
Guardian angels are said to be our counselors day and night watch over us to protect us from evil and to guide us in the right way if one can "hear" what they have to say.

Interesting and welcome to Marta's intervention writing to me telling me his story in which he says he has warned and talked with his guardian angel:

"... Dear Soul One's blog,
I am Marta and I read the site every day and since you have not yet opened a post on the "guardian angels" topic I would like to describe my experience. I was leaving home to buy things when suddenly I was going to take the car but I felt I did not have to get in the car because I had a strange feeling. Suddenly I came home without any reason and just as I climbed the stairs, a few moments later, there was a very strong bang on the street. I went down to see and a freight truck came out of the lane and had totally destroyed the part from the driver's side of my car !!! Think if I did not feel that sense of protection now I would not be here to tell you the event. Of course I was very sorry for my car and I was sick but life has no price and I'm glad I did not do anything. I do believe to the guardian angels and how and now I will also give you proof of what I say. One other day my dear guardian angel warned me in the dream that I had to go out and go down in the morning to buy one of those famous scribes and win and guess a bit ... I won 1000 euro just what I did not and that I needed to do some physical knee care! Sometimes I dream and it seems to me like if I have some presaggies save me from some nasty episode. According to me, the guardian angels are part of our lives only because we listen to them little because we are always busy doing other things and never thinking about ourselves ... "

Guardian Angels so that they can interact with us to the point that we can also save our lives ... This and other episodes in the world complete a very clear map of what the guardian angels are and how they can help us in some way. Helpers and collaborators sent directly by God, guardian angels might be for us skillful and clever mentors who, if listened to, could improve our lives? But how can we talk to the guardian angels?

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