venerdì 18 agosto 2017

I find objects moved to my house!

If it were not for the fact that the user did have evidence, I would blame the thief or anyone who had the keys but Francesco, a user who writes to us from the Province of Benevento, says: "..Three of the objects moving alone in my home without having touched them myself or the rest of my family. The other time I found the front of the car stereo inside the sink and I can not quite understand How it is over. I also found a spin in the shower and some cd under the couch and other shifts that I can not quite understand. We also did the tests I came out and stayed in front of the door for two hours and when I got back I found the small kitchen TV set on the ground at the entrance! ... " Dear Francis, I would say that I have the ghosts at home or these are phenomena of teleportation of objects that are not well identifiable. Try filming something with a digital camcorder, maybe you can do this sort of strange event to identify where to get it. -Shindai-
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