mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

I saw a dragon

Let's go back to a topic in vogue in recent years that in itself proves to be an ever-widespread event as more and more people can see something that "floats" quietly in the heavens and which until then was just a popular belief. We're talking about people who have spotted an incredible dragon to say it though so and if you take a look at the videos from the Soul One site (you'll find the link to the side of the page) you can see that there are many people Who have even taken pictures of this phenomenon. But let's hear what a blog reader writes to me .... "... I live in the provincial capital of Rome and more precisely in a village called Ariccia, famous for the frasche and typical porchetta of this area. One morning I was going to work in a country near my Albano Laziale, and suddenly I saw a huge beast with wings and a tail tip like an arrow that passed over the car and then disappeared into the woods. This phenomenon happened in 2005 and I remember buying a series of local newspapers in the following days See if anyone had sighted the dragon.I'm sure I did not imagine otherwise would be worried because it would be a great hallucination of which I ought to be seriously concerned.Not yet nobody takes my mind away that day I saw a dragon True and that I've seen it so well to be 100% safe ... " As already mentioned in the other post, the dragon was a mythological creature that is thought to have existed as an ancestor of "flying" dinosaurs. It is likely that one of these "dinosaurs" has survived and multiplied over the centuries, hiding in the woods and caves around the world, and that on rare occasions he can go out to seek food and water. If that were true then the legend would become reality by transforming the chronicles of medieval cavalry into a credible historical instrument on the authenticity and existence of dragons. Thanks to the reader the posted post .... -Shindai-
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