mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

I saw a vampire woman

I thought they were just a legend today, if it's true what this blog reader says and we do not doubt the truth, I go to read e-mail and reopen the theme related to vampires and vampirism. We hear the email: "... I went to Wickford Rhode Island to America from my mom's relatives two weeks ago and I spent a vacation of tranquility and sea (not really a gulf like a harbor can be said). I have kids associates And one night we went out to have some drink in a pub. I had forgotten the cigarettes in the car of a relative of me there and I came back only at night to the parking lot to get them back when I suddenly saw a dead animal at a corner , Like a cow I think, and above a bent woman on it.I thought maybe he was giving relief to the poor beast so I approached to ask if he needed help.When he was shot he just did not get a heart attack he had A white cadaveric face and his eyes were red blood with a dirty mouth of blood and dogs longer than normal.You can not understand! I turned around and with all the strength I could have in the rocket legs I went back to the room ... Not I had the courage to deepen if I imagined it and if the girl was actually hurt but the scare had been too big and so I was given it to her legs ... " So let's go back to the theme that vampirism might exist? But let's say it could all have been simply a case of porphyry and the woman maybe was a blood donor of vampire-disguised animals. Thank you for the story of the user and thinking about it I'm thrilled to experience his experience with so much terror. -Shindai-
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