venerdì 11 agosto 2017

Infested homes and tips for catching ghosts

Do not enter that house is infested with ghosts! How many times since we played with fantasy with our friends on abandoned and decadent homes?With the unconsciousness of those who can not even run the risk that in the "infested houses" we could find real dangers such as the presence of static cuts of the structure or worse still the presence of malicious people ....

And why no seven satanic exponents! You will not want to be the sacrificial victim, no ?!
My advice is to never venture into such a place on your own but above all to never profane the principle of property violation because many of you may not even know it but abandoned homes are likely to belong to someone (if they are not owned Of the state) and your entry would represent unauthorized access.
But we get to the paranormal aspect or the good guide to a real "catch the ghosts" ...
We set up very simple rules that can be of great help if you respect each other and that do not jeopardize the lives of those who want to experience their shivering experience:
1) Before logging in, make sure you contact the owner or property owners in order not to violate anyone's property and trying to obtain their written permission.
2) Make sure you have more than 3 people.
3) Have torches, Swiss knives, audio and video recorders.
4) Use badge construction shoes, paying attention to any nails and objects that can hurt you on the floors and in the environments.
5) Just venture out of the day because as we said earlier the place could be frequented by unpleasant individuals.
6) Never touch electrical systems that are tempted to reactivate them.
7) Pay attention to the structures and in particular to the solai of the houses you are going to visit as if they were crumbling you could risk life !!!
8) Do not make too much noise the neighbors might hear you and call the authorities and even if you are authorized to access you will have undoubtedly disturbed unnecessarily a public service.
9) Respecting places or not touching anything, do not steal anything, and especially do not commit vandalism.
10) Proceed to your audio video recordings and when you collect the data you take the noise off.
This brief guide I think is a Must for a good "catch ghosts" and especially for those who want to undertake studies related to the paranormal world so try to follow it and you will not regret it.
Remember to do everything in accordance with the laws and above all try not to skip any point in order not to put you in trouble using your head and common sense.
Between abandoned homes, castles and infested houses in Italy you have it at will, just choose the right place and be allowed that your experiments can be initiated.
Good ghost hunt ...
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