martedì 15 agosto 2017

Kidnapped by aliens

"Sometimes I happened to be abducted by aliens or at least I believe ..." Today I'm going to open e-mail and I see that the start of a Blog reader's email starts with this interesting phrase. Giacomo, who tells us his story, is a person who is defined as being quiet and conducts a very serene life in a country in the center of Italy but his serenity is often interrupted in the middle of the night by what he calls abduction phenomena alien. I will forward the text of the e-mail of the preface to the presentation of Giacomo which as you can imagine for privacy reasons I can not publish. "... Sometimes I happened to be abducted by aliens or at least I think ... the strange thing is that it happens only at night while I'm sleeping or when I am asleep. The first episode of these alien abductions happened to me one night August of 5 years ago when I was in my room next to my wife and suddenly I heard a strange buzz that woke me up and opened my eyes and suddenly I noticed I could not move my body! I could not even speak to ask for help and out of the window there was a very strong light that radiated the whole room while my wife slept like a rock and was not aware of anything. I heard a strange vibration then I saw my body Getting up in the air and the windows suddenly opened up and I was attracted by the light then waking up in my bed and not remembering anything anymore. From then on these abduction or alien abductions have happened in the years to come and the Or I also did professional medical examinations to see if it was the fault of my brain that is fortunate enough to be. I was curious to buy one of those cute clocks that projected on the ceiling the time in red and I left the button pressed during the night to try to see what time it is when it happens. I noticed that sometimes I wake up hours or a few times but nevertheless alien abductions always occur in the same mode as described above. I'm confused and I can not understand if it really happens or if perhaps, as many say, they are simple hallucinations of the mind that develop as we sleep ... " Of abductions due to similar aliens there are thousands in the web however it would seem that the "symptoms" seem to be just like those of Giacomo. But who tells us that it is not the visual hallucinations generated by the mind in a sleep state of sleep? But we could also say that the hypothesis of alien abduction is not to be discarded altogether as it is not said that there can be no other forms of life in the universe that want to study our behaviors ... Certainly, the mystery leaves room for fantasy, above all as I wonder how people who are in parts of the remote world can share the same similar situations over time. What James is really the victim of experiments and alien abductions? What if an alien form of life wanted us to be curious as we are about species we do not know? -Shindai-
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