martedì 15 agosto 2017

Licypes and Wolves

We have talked about vampirism and now let's take another step in the mystery linked to another mythical figure: the wolf. In a much more picturesque way than the vampire, the licantropia is a hypothetical mutation of a human being in a terrible wolf of much larger form and with similar resemblance to that between a man and a wolf. While it is true that history is a lifelong teacher, it can not be traced to the mannequin wolves, in fact, to deny that from ancient times (Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, etc.) through the Middle Ages to the present day the world scenarios Are covered with legends and stories about the phenomena of licantropia. Cinematography on the theme of the wolves, compared to the legends written and talked about over the centuries, I have to say that she has taken her hand and even invented some details and behaviors of the famous, completely non-existent and fundamentally wolf man. For example, we could say that all legendary versions agree that the "wolf man" disease is not transmitted through the mere bite of a waswolf to the damage of a human being. Even the concept that the wolf man is by "evil" or losing control of himself in transformation seems to be a "film forcing" of our day to give a more dramatic picture to the film. In fact, legends have many facets, for example, in some cases it is said that the wolf man is able to transform only in the presence of the full moon while in others it is believed that he can do it at any time. All agree, for example, that the wolfhound can only be killed by a pure silver object, whether it be a dagger, a bullet or a sword, perhaps because silver itself is a symbol of purity and clarification. The most interesting and definitely not trivial thing that struck me most is that the transformation into mannar wolves is possible, according to popular beliefs, mainly through the magic where it covers its body with the hides of the wolves hunted and it is Reciting rites of transformation accompanied by the assumption of mixtures of various plants could be transformed into wolf men. Naturally, the skins had to be "intrized" of a sort of offense through the pact with the devil with which this extraordinary power could be obtained. The thing I have been thinking about is that if it is true that these mixtures of plants were assumed then it is also possible that people who believed to turn into a wolf could actually have ingested some form of drug that led them to experience hallucinatory experiences relevant. And how about vampirism as a virus that can change a person genetically? On this hypothesis perhaps we have to travel a bit of the mind as it is in the vampire case and it is much more likely to associate it with the case of a variation of anger thus justifying it with the disease but in the case of the licantropo the question would become much more fantastic. But why since ancient times did someone see real licks? Can a man really succeed in transforming into a wolf or is it just a simple hallucinatory stage caused by drugs following a ritual in which the individual is convinced of being a poisonous man? Lycanthropy has not yet been proven even though some cases of presumed people who believe to be licantrops have been detected by many psychologists but nevertheless we remain in the medical field and are still talking about people with severe mental forms. Curiously I carry you back to the post I wrote a while ago to a blog reader who tells me that he has seen a strange creature that, to think about it today, would seem to be just a wolf man, but I leave to you every consideration: "To read the post click here" I sincerely believe that as in any legend a certain truth can exist, however, sincerely without having certain data on which to support me to formulate a serious assessment I do not want to risk absurd hypotheses on the topic of the licantrops so I leave room for any of your comments on it. -Shindai-
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