venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Lightbulbs of light in the house

An event that has already been felt and felt and that a blog reader today wants to share his paranormal experience with us, telling us how he has seen a bright, light-colored ball in his own home, emitting a strong bluish light radiating much of the house: "... I'm Carlo and seeing your blog I decided to tell my story One day I was back home tired from work and at that moment in my home there was no one because my wife had gone to take the little girl to school After going to the kitchen I went to the bedroom so I lay down but did not close my eyes Then suddenly I saw a ball as big as a baseball ball fly in front of my eyes and emitted a very intense blue light He stopped for a few seconds then the light became stronger until the sphere disappeared ... " Still light globes? Are they the clear ones you've seen in my previous posts or is this another entity? These luminescences are in fact? Many hypotheses that pass through the mind, among which a race, alien or not, who lives peacefully between us and has the ability to become invisible to the human eye and to appear only when it really wants it. But what are they doing here and above all what is their purpose? They could also be angels like our guardians ... or they could be simple hallucinations, but that would not explain the fact that the spheres of light are immortalized in photographs or movies. It's still a good mystery to unveil for now we only have this ... -Shindai-
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