venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Loving potion

Let's now come to the subject of witchcraft tied to the so-called love potions or treats of love. A reader, thank you for the email he sent me, describes a family experience on how, through the power of an old lady, a girl may have found the companion of her life: "... I have never had personal experiences, but I can still tell a particular episode my mom told me on one of these summer evenings. My uncle's sister-in-law was desperate because she could not find a rented house with her daughter and her husband. The three were forced to stay at the hotel. So my uncle was talking to my mother in the hope that looking around would be an apartment. After a few days my mother found a rented house just ahead of us, as a neighbor was inclined to make us a favor. So this lady thanked my mother for heart (since they were really desperate) and settled quickly in the new apartment, where they immediately shuffled with the neighborhood. It happened that one day the daughter of this lady confided to my mother that she was rather frustrated because things from a loving point of view did not really go well with her. So my mother told her to come with her from a neighbor who knew how to do the cards (clearly without compensation). This neighbor (whom I will not name, now dead, but he was really a special old lady) gave her the cards and said, "There is a plant in your house that is a red flower and has been given to you, bring it Immediately by me. " The girl looks surprised because her cousin actually gave her the plan she was talking about. My mother and girlfriend went together and took this plant and brought it to the old man, put it on the table, took out the jar, and smashed the soil, leaving a small heart of some animal. He set it aside in a newspaper and told the girl to cover her and put her in place, well in sight. The girl a few months later engaged, married in a year and now she also has a son ... " A sort of romance of love would seem that the old woman was a real "catalyst" that allowed the woman to find her husband. A strange coincidence or are we in front of an epic style love potion? -Shindai-
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