sabato 5 agosto 2017

PSI Wheel or how to build an object to develop the powers of the mind

Let's go back to talk of telecinesis and powers of mind that immediately reveal how to build you a useful tool to develop the powers of the mind called PSI wheel. Do not come to tell me it does not work or things of the kind but it is true or not because I really do not know what to say to you as it is also a novelty for me.

I would like to give you more news but I'm just going to put my hands on it now as I have built a new brand new and still have to experience it.
But we are trying to explain what a PSI wheel is and above all how this tool can enhance our mental powers linked to psychoins. The concept is pretty simple, that is, you have to build an object that has a base and some kind of small rod on which will turn the "umbrella" of our PSI wheel made as per figure.

The biggest problem is not in the realization of the PSI wheel but in the individual's concentration and in the spiritual preparation that a subject has to undergo before performing psychoanalytic tests. On youtube is full of these movies but who tells us they are not using tricks? Of course it is true that subjects in the past have been studied who were able to move objects with thought so trying to take curiosity does not cost anything because the price for such a tool, such as the PSI wheel, is Be really ridiculous.

Some say that approaching the hand side to the PSI wheel without touching it helps to convey the energies in order to allow the lap of what I call "umbrella." I do not want to unbalanced myself in saying that it will work certain that an attempt would happily be done since the exhumation itself has a danger equal to 0!

If anyone tries it and you can let me know what you did to succeed in the experiment ...

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