sabato 5 agosto 2017

Real vampires

The real vampires, an interesting topic I came across while I was wandering around the web in search of some interesting interesting notes on the vampire theme, are nothing more than people who believe they are vampires and that's why they behave like that.

This is briefly the description that encapsulates the meaning of the word Real vampires (that is, the real vampires as they define themselves) but we could say that attitude is a true psychological syndrome rather than a true vampire form as described in legends subways.

It is true that real vampires are human beings in all respects but have a different behavioral diversity than the usual people we are used to encounter in our lives every day.

Such behaviors of big vampires can be summarized as follows:

1) Some real vampires (not all) leave alone and only at night as they may be affected by severe epidermal pathologies that can cause skin burns and eye tears. But this is a well-known cause for contemporary science, therefore, nothing paranormal.

2) Real vampires are predominantly fed with human blood of a consensual person who, as a good donor, offers his own blood by causing small lesions with blades or by taking syringes.

3) It is presumed to be suffering from a severe psychological disorder that determines their real vampires behaviors called Renfield's syndrome. Those who suffer from this syndrome assume as a child the attitudes of a real vampire by applying the first experiments on himself.

Notice to all readers not to take for a gaming or a fashion any such attitude as you may well understand from the above described practicing as a real vampire is not a normal person behavior but represents a stage of mental illness (no offense To anyone it is clear that each of us is free to do and express what he wants without feeling criticized by the next for this specific that it is only and exclusively of my pure judgment not addressed to anyone in particular).
Remember also that drinking of human blood is something that besides not being natural and also a very serious and dangerous thing because you could contract illnesses and because for the normality of things it is a morally indecent gesture!

Vampireism as a concept (see previous postings) is not the same as being a real vampire but a real probable disease (if ever it really existed) triggered by a likely mutation of the rabies virus (or at least this seems to be a plausible theory ).

Many of the vampire films in motion will have done their part in transforming people into Real Vampires by also conditioning the minds of many people by fomenting them into believing they are real vampires.

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