giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Realizing a dream

I want to tell you about an experience of a blog reader who writes to me and tells me about her story that really is incredible. I had never heard of the materialization of a dream, but it surprised me because the story was lived by two people who shared that paranormal experience ... "... I'm Cristina and I want to tell my story that happened almost two days ago. My husband says that at night he was awake and saw something that impressed him so much in the middle of the night. Open as I slept and saw the blue balloon entering the room across the ceiling of our bedroom and then stopping above my head and fading into nothing! But the strangest thing was still to come because the night I did Dreamed of a sky full of ghosts watching me sitting on some clouds and seeing flying in the sky a myriad of balloons! It's pretty much absurd to see him materialize in the room one of those flying blue balloons while I practically dreamed of them! .. . " When I read it, the chills came to me especially for her husband who suddenly saw a balloon coming from nothing in the room that moved alone! Could Cristina have somehow made a kind of projection of her dreams appear in the room? And the ghosts in the dream what are they doing to us? Are they who have materialized such an object? Too much because we could put the story in question, however, I must say that I was really fascinated and thanked Cristina for the intervention I sent. -Shindai-
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