martedì 15 agosto 2017

Satanism in songs and music

Let's go back today to talk about what is a widespread phenomenon among many Italian and foreign artists, at least that's what one can find on some songs, or subliminal satanic messages within the lyrics of famous music tracks. It is said that he sells the soul to the devil to be successful that apparently comes safely as many have taken the fruits! Fruits are also of sin because the saying goes, "When the devil gives you all that means he wants the soul"! Of course, only thinking of selling the soul to the devil just for a question of success, at least in my opinion, I find it somewhat squalid, however, as all the tastes are said to be tastes, and I'm not here for sure to syndicate the affair. Heavy metal tracks, but also commercial songs commonly heard on the radio, seem to have turned out to be the reverse direction of the way, which have the direct and clear theme of pure demonic adoration! Without making names, so as not to incur unpleasant legal consequences, however, it seems that this "custom" is spreading more and more among emerging artists but also among the consolidated ones. But the songs seem to contain other subliminal messages that could certainly lead to behavioral changes in humans (see, for example, suicide or murder ...). Not to mention teenagers who foment from the heavy metal songs "dark" look in the part dressing up with t-shirts depicting horrendous pentacles or dead walking to reach the culmination of delirium by holding a rifle and doing a terrible slaughter of innocents! All this just because the devil puts us in the "zampino" and decides to propagate through the occult campaigns that can "embrace" numerous future "adept" future on the world wide scale. Unfortunately only a part of the world's population knows that if you go to your grandfather and ask him if he ever stopped to see if there was anything strange in a song's lyrics, he would definitely answer that he never thought of it once In his life. We are therefore attentive to what we listen to as Satan might always be lurking ... -Shindai-
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