martedì 8 agosto 2017

Sator the magic square

A magic square the Sator has been found since ancient times, just think of finding a sator in Pompeii in 1925, symbolized on the gates of many Christian churches. A symbol is the mysterious and arcane sator in which there is a secret message on which still work today to decrypt its meaning. The language with which it was written leaves many open doors as it could be Latin but also other languages ​​such as a dialect of Gaul or perhaps the language of Atlantis? What if it were the legacy of something older? A cube on which to leave a message in so many modern and future languages? Looking at him, I wondered if it had even been left by a much more advanced people than our alien population who left something in a remote antiquity, a message to the future? On the incision there are those who have found the words "Pater noster" or "our Father" referring to God but also who has speculated the phrase SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS and other various phrases. AREPO = AREPOS = CARRO from the Gauls ????? !! I am so bold I formulate my theory in modern English as the magic sator is not well understood and the language is not well defined I leave my probable and curious interpretation. I found the following words in the sator to be analyzed:

-To hold
-Sara (in the sense of being)

Here is my phrase "fantasticant" with the addition of some article to make sense: "The door to our mighty work will be the tower for you to hold power" ???? Well boys say that is my theory but if it is true the door is referred to a dimensional portal that can serve to travel in space and time? Maybe an alien matrix? And is the tower perhaps a kind of zen or is it the apex of unveiled knowledge? Or is it still power because we have come to know something that can evolve? Blogger's mental fantasies but let's go back to the sator talk. A mysterious cube that appears in the centuries so of an unknown matrix although our question is almost certainly: But who invented the sator? Since it is a bit around Europe it is difficult to give it a geographic location, and to assign the inventor but above all to what it really serves .... For sure it is a cryptic message probably left in code say as a sort of Password written on the stone. But we also come to another hypothesis or to that of the Roman Camp, which as you know it was divided into dialects. What if the schema of the sator was a standard layout of an ancient Roman project for the organization in neighborhoods of military camps? The hypotheses are very certain that this strange stone cube called sator really arouses interest from scholars and researchers who still roam in the dark today to discover the mysterious message ....


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