venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Sighting of light globes in Athens and Santorini !!! ni

You come back from holidays and browse the pictures to remember the beautiful moments just past a pleasant and relaxing Greek holiday and I suddenly discover these 3 photos that personally concern me and my company. But let's see in detail the globe of light photographed and immortalized by the following photos: 1 - Photos (Piraeus port of Athens): Taken by myself on the evening of August 9, 2009 from the ferry leaving for the island of Santorini. We were in Athens right at the Piraeus port in a warm and quiet evening on the Greek coast of the city but while shooting the picture I do not remember seeing those strange globe of flying light as you can see in this photo. 2 and 3 - Photos (Santorini - Perissa town) Here my girlfriend and then I in two pictures taken one after the other in the order in which you are seeing her. In the background and in front of me I can see strange floating light globes that seem to be moving. We were in Santorini in Perissa right on the waterfront where there are many shops and restaurants. The photos I took almost in twilight since the light was really poor I used the flash otherwise they would never have come this way. To see them better and analyze them click on the image in order to enlarge and analyze them better. I ask you the courtesy that if times as material for your site before saving them ask me why I am my exclusive property. Analyzing the fact I can tell you that we took over 380 photographs, many of them many at night, but only on these we managed to immortalize this strange phenomenon. If you remember well the same year I did the same thing in Croatia, which event I even made a post, only that time happened to me on a photo only! Of the sites that talk about these phenomena there are really many that in reality no one, in my opinion, has really come to understand what those strange flying balls are. And I conclude, in all sincerity, saying that sincerely I did not understand too much! I just tell you that I would like to know where they come from and above all what they do between us? -Shindai-
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