martedì 8 agosto 2017

Strange dark beings in the homes

write this post because many readers who follow us have brought me some really interesting stories that all have a logical line between them and they have really attracted me a lot of interest. It would seem that each one of them declares that he has seen unusual little cutting beings in their homes who seem to be very scary to the human view and thus manage to flee very quickly disappearing in the absence of trace of their unexpected visit. Many describe it as follows: 1) Go to see the post "Strange being in the night in my room" 2) Simona says, "... I have a bridge bed or the one above the closet and under the bed, and one night I opened my eyes and in the dark I saw a strange big black creature coming down from a shelf almost like A cat of a few months I turned on the light and I saw him run into the darkness I searched everywhere but the odd thing to be nothing ... " 3) Carlo says: "... I was in my second home at the sea when one night I saw an animal (maybe it was an animal ???) in the kitchen of my house slipping under the sink. I had just turned off the tv and I was Went to the kitchen for a sip of water when I suddenly turned on the light and I noticed as a small dark miniature man with two very small wings that looked at me and ran away at the speed of light under the sink. A fraction of a second seemed to me to have seen such a thing but I'm not 100% sure. I looked under the sink but the strange animal seemed to have disappeared in nothing ... " 4) Giorgio says: "Two summers ago I went camping with my friends and one evening we thought of a bonfire on the beach. We had set up a fireplace as it is used in the movies to sing some songs and spend a nice evening all At the end of the evening many were "started off" because they had been drinking a bit except me and a friend of mine we were totally in touch and we did not even touch a drop when suddenly, as we were talking, we saw the beach just a few feet away Moving something small and dark, we were curiously approaching and we lighted up the torch to see what it was like when suddenly, with great wonder, we saw a small creature with wings that we could not identify well because Has run away at great speed ... " Sincerely, I do not know exactly what to say because I did a quick search on the web to see if there are cases similar to yours but nothing. I really care about it because I once saw something like that and I never managed to explain why these strange creatures disappear at a really remarkable speed when they are sighted. If any of you had experienced such a thing or can give an explanation to this type of episodes please do so by sending an email to the blog or leaving a comment at the end or better still in the forum. What are these unusual night creatures? Why are they hiking in our homes and especially looking for what?


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