venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Strange spiritual activity at home

There is now a story told by our reader who I thank you very much for following my blog and of which I would like to bring you the partial text in a completely anonymous way to a story that was happening at home while she was away for a pleasure trip: "... on Sunday I went to Croatia and I did a strange thing: this time we left our little dog out (we could unfortunately not bring it with us) because we usually leave it in the kitchen with the door going to the closed rooms and That part of the house without alarm. My were out and the dog, I locked the key door twice (I'm sure) who is behind the kitchen and left the front door that can only be opened from the inside ( So ...) leaving the door that goes into the open rooms and I put the alarm back. Back in the evening a strange thing happened: 1) we called the dog that came and we realized it was closed inside the kitchen (as it is Possible if I closed the two doors well and if I opened the door behind it, as it was in and dp closed without wind?) 2) The door behind was closed but nn with key 3) The alarm nn was played and It seems to me impossible that the dog is left in the kitchen and nn Came to look for us in the rooms. I can not explain this to you. I only know that I was very scared and that my father nn believed me as always. I do not know so, nor did thieves come in because there was everything. Who knows ... " Sincerely, it would seem to me a business perhaps caused by a Poltergeist who is amused to make him a scorn. Of similar cases, many of it happens, especially if the house is located or rises near a new or ancient cemetery that it is. Of course the dog could have closed itself even if the quadrupeds hardly manage to pick up a handle and pull it like a normal person would not? For thieves might be the one, sure that getting into a house and not stealing anything is quite unusual even this no? The only thing would be to record it with a video camera that can make a movie review to see if something really happens in the home or it is just a strange and incredible coincidence. -Shindai-
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