sabato 5 agosto 2017

Tanatoscope or the machine that sees the dead

Who did not see the Imago mortis film in which an arched instrument called the tantoscope best known as a machine that can see deaths or death is highlighted?

In reality, it is only the fruit of fantasy, however, some interesting suppositions could be made.

Let's imagine tracing a subtle line that divides the material world from the spiritual one through which we can get two parallel dimensions, identical but not the same.

If in the first we imagine that in the second they could end the dead that, as they were described in the divine comedy, are segregated into a sort of limbo. At this point how can we see them?

The answer is obvious, if there was a tanatoscope we could be able to see the other dimension and then the souls of the dead.
Only quiet assumptions this machine does not exist and honestly I do not know exactly where to start building it since it is the result of romance fantasies.

In the film of Imago Mortis, sense is another or through the tanatoscope it is possible to imagine, with the retina of the human eye, the last thing seen by a man on a plate! Even fine is always a movie ...

Boy the truth is that the tanatoscope, which does not mean anything else as a tool that sees the dead, is just the fruit of the imaginary but that if it existed it could open doors to new and unexplored worlds.

It was just a curiosity I was looking at in the web to see if they were talking about this strange device and instead disappointing the disappointments will remain forever only in my imagination.

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