martedì 15 agosto 2017

The apocryphal and gnostic gospels

One of the things I remember never having heard in my religious teachings when I was little was that it was never known that beyond the "canonical" Bible there were gospels defined by the Church as the so-called "apocryphal gospels". The term "apocryphal" was attributed to the ecclesiastical class as a red bullet on all those texts that were not officially valid, which is not so for me (I speak for myself). These texts were found in the Dead Sea casually by boys who were playing in the area inside a cave protected for good inside a sort of amphoras of time probably because to the death of Christ the apostles and followers of Jesus for fear of being condemned decided to keep such scriptures Safe from probable destruction. In the twentieth century they were then subjected to archaeological studies and were translated and guarded by a world-class research group formed by numerous experts of the time. In the Apocryphal Gospels, we can find a great part of Jesus' life that the canonical bible has virtually ignored but I can not understand why because without it we can not have a logical-historical thread about what has actually happened. We say that unapproved apocryphal gospels can supplement what we have already learned about the childhood of Jesus and the life of Joseph and Mary. Not to mention, however, a piece of Jesus' great life and the death of the Christ of which more details are provided. I strongly advise you to read them as there are passages and teachings, through the word of Christ, truly beautiful and profound in meaning. The words contained in them give the impression of being uncontaminated by human artifice and being the true and pure word of the Lord. Without divulging too much, I would like to provide you with a list of who they are and what they represent the found apocryphal gospels: 1) The Gospels of Childhood: The gospels of childhood as you can well understand represent the life as a child of Jesus Christ telling of his events and the first miracles of the Messiah. They can be broken down as follows: Giacomo Protovangelo Code Arundel 404 (variant of the Protovangelo of Giacomo) Thomas's Childhood Gospel Matthew's Gospel The Armenian Gospel of Infancy Book of the Nativity of Mary History of Joseph the carpenter In addition to telling us what Jesus had done by such little gospels, he also told us about his parents' lives, their origins, and what they did in everyday life. 2) Judeo-Christian Gospels: These three apocryphal gospels, unfortunately lost in time, however, derive from Matthew's gospel and the historical narrative reconstruction of the early fathers of the church and can be listed as follows: Gospel of the Ebionites The Gospel of the Nazarenes The Gospel of the Jews 3) Gnostic Gospels: Gnostic Gospels are perhaps the unrecognizable part except for the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John better known as canons. Gnostic Gospels can therefore be listed as follows: John's Apocrypha Savior or Redeemer Dialogue James's secret book Book of Thomas Book of the Savior Apelle's Gospel Gospel of Bardesan Basilide Gospel Coptic gospel of the Egyptians Greek Gospel of the Egyptians Gospel of Eve Philip's Gospel Judah's Gospel Gospel of Mary Magdalene Mattia's Gospel Gospel of perfection Gospel of the four celestial realms The gospel of Berlin Wisdom of Jesus Christ Gospel of Thomas Gospel of Truth 4) Passion Gospels: As you can well understand such gnostic or apocryphal gospels describe the historical period of Jesus' life to be placed between the sentence and his death and we can divide them as: Gamaliele's Gospel Nicodemus gospel Peter's Gospel Statement by Joseph of Arimathea 5) Other apocryphal, missing, or lost gospels I do not want to catalog them because I do not think them totally complete yet, but these gospels are predominantly represented by the teaching of Jesus to the apostles. I do not want to advertise to anyone and therefore I do not intend to give you precise titles but my great advice is to go to a bookstore and buy some good books about gnostic and apocryphal gospels that may be read carefully in the evening when you are in peace. I give you this advice because I think it is right that we do not all know only the canonical texts but who goes deeper into the readings to make one's own idea and judge what is valid and what is not. With this I do not mean to disregard the teachings given by the Christian Church, which I thank for being kindly granted, but I thought it appropriate to document myself to better understand and fill those voids on my "why" why I could not give precise answers .
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