giovedì 17 agosto 2017

The ark of the covenant

A mysterious and large wooden chest and gold coat on which there were the two cherubim statues that contained the tables God had given to Moses is now sought by experts and researchers for centuries. This chest takes the name of the ark of the covenant which could not be touched by any person because it was judged as a powerful weapon capable of incinerating anyone touching it. The Ark of the Covenant was preserved by the Jews in the temple of Jerusalem, following the plundering of the Babylonians. From here, however, begins the mystery of his disappearance as it is said that there was a list of sacred furniture removed from the temple but that the list did not list the ark as a looted object. But then where can it be over? Various theories that pass for the following assumptions would reveal its current position: It is preserved in Ethiopia in a monastery where no one can see it except the guardian who keeps it. For the book of Maccabees is located on Mount Nebo taken away from Jerusalem to escape the destruction The Templars found her buried in the temple and to this day it is said to be preserved by a Scottish sect of Templars that keeps her jealously. Scientist Tudor Parfitt claims that a part of the Philistines migrated into zimbawe and that the ark of the alliance was carried there. Perhaps the ark of the covenant is not found in any of these places, and who knows how one day Bibblica's prophecy says, we will see her returning among men. -Shindai-
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