mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

The book of shadows

Let's go back now to talk about witches who, unlike what they say, exist in everything and for all, maybe not picture them on a broom flying in the daylight but the night in the darkness of the woods something happens .... Witch-gathering or coven (or witch-gathering) still today, almost at the Masonic level, happens just like a time, perhaps in woods, secluded villas, homes, and who knows what a desolate place. Everyone tastes down to the point that they do not harm anyone who does what they want at least I think so .... An ancient tradition is that of the witch accompanied, as well as by the famous flywheel, by his fiery text of magic called the book of shadows. This is the text that accompanies every witch in his "formative" path, in which spells learned from other witches are depicted, passing through the various magic rituals of generation to generation. The book of shadows represents for many witches their lives, because without it a witch would be lost as without her spells she would also lose her being in fact a common person without magic elements. In addition to the famous witches television screen, where we can find the shadow book, this renowned text is by no means a true standard so beware of imitations because a true shadow book I believe can only be handed down by a real witch to be able to To declare authentic. For information even some Wicca (pagans) have their own text that they call the shadow book which is both a definition and a concept that is the same as that of witches. The witches therefore spell out their spells on this book, but they are not limited to this because they have, with jealousy, the so-called mirror book or a kind of real diary of their everyday life. -Shindai-
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