sabato 5 agosto 2017

The holy or holy Grail

The mysterious cup of the Sacred Grail is one of the secrets that has always fascinated scholars and researchers who have for years sought this mysterious and legendary object to obtain immense power that, according to legend, if exploited could allow a person to get life eternal.

But what is really the Holy Grail?

When Jesus made the last supper with his disciples, he had a glass on the table from which he could drink wine and share with the apostles the gift of eternal life.
The legend actually tells us that whoever finds the Grail will be able to get eternal life on earth as he will have drunk the blood of Christ and will enjoy it with all the benefits while preserving beauty, health and great longevity over the centuries to come.
The mysterious chalice of Sacred Grail to date is lost and nobody has yet been able to identify the exact place where it really is, even if we can reconstruct some of the path that the cup might have played over the centuries after the death of Christ.

Many hypotheses mounted above the sacred Grail bring the journey of this object from Holy Land to Europe through stories of crusades, medieval heroes, and hypotheses related to the descendants of Jesus.

Anyone say that he is currently kept in Genoa and who says he is in Valencia but really the true Saint Graal where he is? A cup that many say is made in gold or who has even advanced hypothesis that it is emerald but the story I am about to tell you could make us really think ....

Jesus was a poor man as his disciples were, so he could not afford the great luxury to buy such a cup so the Sacred Grail could not be forged in such a metal or even carved in the emerald. As we have said above Jesus, it was a flamboyant and at the time were used a lot of wooden chestnuts to be able to drink also considering that the Lord is creative and appreciates humility and poverty for drinking in a golden chalice?

But let's go ahead ...

If so, the Sacred Grail's chalice at the death of Jesus had to be kept by his disciples who, even if they had put him in a safe place, once found by crusaders, not being made of gold and precious stones to those who Could such a trivial and banal subject matter which did not know the extraordinary power?

But this is my theory ...

When the years pass through stories that can intertwine between truth and falsehood there may be so many, so I do not want to divulge myself in describing the various conclusions of where the Holy Grail may have been through the centuries, but it remains the fact that it is still being sought today But no one has ever really put his hands on this mysterious and legendary cup called Sacred Grail.

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