venerdì 18 agosto 2017

The map of European vampires

Let's go back to the theme of vampirism because today we are proposing you a probable vampire map that explains how, through a probable virus we have already mentioned in previous postings, vampirism could have been conveyed to Europe and later to the US. The map here in the middle represents my rebuilding of the European facts about the spread of the phantom vampire virus, which if true, would explain the many historical sightings of these legendary beings. Everything according to my theory would be born in the eastern countries even if in fact such an affirmation might be inaccurate as the vampire seems to have existed even in the earlier epochs. By convention, however, we leave from Romania and neighboring countries and see how the European East could have developed the vampirism virus over time of course I know you click on the map shape you see on the top of this post to enlarge it All over the page. From stories, documents, and news from the past centuries, everything seems to indicate the path to a virus that seems to have symptomatology that is consistent with all the countries that have tracked it: Apparent death and subsequent awakening in coffin Preservation and not truncation of organic elements Bleeding from the main facial orifices. Aggression in subjects in the post-mortem and awakening phase Blood thirst Hiding in cool and dreary places because it becomes light-sensitive A terrible series of cases in Europe and around the world have probably emerged over the centuries, as my attention theory says, because of a variant virus of anger that is not easily transmissible to man because anaerobic and infectious to contact a bit as is the case 'Aids. If that were true then the exhortations of people kept in a state as if they were alive would be explained. Of course, we are in the field of my theory and hypothesis, and not in a precise and sure answer, so also let yourself be an idea of ​​what is vampirism and why someone in the history of humanity has seen the vampires on their path. -Shindai-
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