giovedì 17 agosto 2017

The mysterious iron column of Delhi

A mystery linked to a weird ironwork created in remote times with a technology that we would only be able to explain today. This mysterious artifact is named after Delhi's iron column at 7 meters high and 21 inches in 41 cm in diameter and about 6 tonnes in weight was made of iron with a peculiarity or the fused metal maker with an excessive amount Of phosphorus. Such anxiety meant that over time phosphorus could have created, naturally, a kind of patina that would guarantee Delhi's iron column to withstand climatic adversities and not rust. But how can craftsmen of the time know such a technique without having the technical tools to calculate that chemical process? Recent discoveries show that this realization choice was not a casualty and that the artisans of the time were actually aware of the strange reaction and that the addition of phosphorus was desirable. But there is more to it because it would appear that the column, if compared with other similar objects scattered around the world, would draw a drawing or rather a true trace left by a much more advanced civilization of ours and here everything seems to converge on Atlantis. Not to mention a very bold scientific explanation, but it absolutely stimulates those who worship the paranormal world. This theory would seem to identify the column as a kind of coil that "routed" Earth's electromagnetic forces and spread it in the air as a radio antenna that would have the function of feeding Vimana, that is, the flying machines described in the ancient texts Indians. In my opinion there is something in history that needs to be revised as it seems that there are traces left by people before us who seem to have had advanced technologies contrary to what they taught us on school desks. But then what was the iron column for? Was it really a reel through which the Vimana were fed for the flight? -Shindai-
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