mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

The prophecies of Nostradamus

As with Kelley and Dee, the story has given us another unusual character of the esoteric panorama who with his prophecies focused on whether millions of people are talking about the mysterious Nostradamus. Through a path made of rhymes and verses this arcane figure lived on horseback between 1503 and 1566 wrote a book called the prophecies in which he describes his paranormal experiences that led him to see the future of events. In his "Centurie" Nostradamus prophesies a series of events such as the French Revolution, Hitler's rise to power, the atomic bomb, and even the attack on the Twin Towers of September 11. He was an astronomer, a chemist, and a pharmacist so a person of the time who made a major contribution to the medicine of that century devoting himself to the care of the terrible plague by adopting non-applied hygiene rules but which proved to be very effective. In 1534 he married and had two children, but unfortunately that horrible illness he himself fought with medical remedies netted his whole family, which he had built so much love two years before in 1537. In the years to come, he was going to go back between France and Italy, where he is said to have started his esoteric exploration and exploration of the arcane world through the path of the first visions and prophecies. His studies also led him to be one of the suspects of the Inquisition with the accusations of witchcraft and being a son of the devil but Nostradamus continued his experiments in secret secretly aided by a servant who attended his esoteric sessions . During this period he had many visions that pushed him to collect them and to make "The Prophecies," or the book we now know as the text of Nostradamus. Centurie's or mini-poetry prophecies describe some really-happened and others, such as a terrible tragedy that should have happened in the year 1999, which never happened. There are those who think it a charlatan and who instead elevates it to the pedestal as one of the greatest "visionaries of prophecy" in history, even if to say it all, at least for me, is certainly not one of my favorites even though I think many of His lyrics accurately revealed the events that really happened. Using drugs, as many have advanced the hypothesis, it may be true as I remember that Nostradamus was also a well-known pharmacist and chemist of the time, so his visions could also be possible through the aid of narcotic drugs. But if the mind we do not know could, through an hallucinogenic state, bring about visions that will make us see the future? -Shindai-
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