martedì 15 agosto 2017

The Raelian

But did I hear about the Raelians? No wonder we are not invaded by the Martians or say it all to say that ... The Raelians are a modern sect founded by the French Claude Vorilhon better acquainted with Rael singer, automotive pilot, journalist and as he is called "the messenger of the Elohim" (ie The gods came a long time and long ago on earth). Rael said he had been contacted on 13 December 1973 by a mysterious extraterrestrial being who would charge him for the foundation of an embassy that could accommodate the return of aliens who, according to Rael, would be our real creators through high-tech operations genetic !!! I bring you back the textual words I copied from the site concerned to the dialogue between Rael and the mysterious extraterrestrial being that is described as a human in everything and equally to us: "We are the ones who have created life on Earth," "You have taken for God" "We are at the origin of your major religions." "Now that you are mature enough to understand all this, we would like to establish official contact through a ' Embassy" According to the principle of the Raelians, men would confuse them with God as they would mistakenly translate the word "El" (God) with "Elohim" (Gods) who would be our fathers who have conducted experiments to clone themselves and to study Human evolution over the centuries. But what does it mean? I respect respect for all the ideas for charity and with this I simply want to outline my own thought that is: "If a group of men had the technology to navigate in space and find a planet, it would no longer make sense to colonize it, to recreate their image and likeness of totally ignorant men to get them started again without technology? ..." But let's go ahead .... Rael made many meetings in the years to come with these peace ambassadors who, as the site says, will come a day when they will show us. Many today identify, but the Raelian site does not mention it, the day as December 21, 2012, the date on which the end of the world and the fourth era will be on the Maya calendar. All the respect for the world for this sect with which I share the thought that we are not alone in the universe but I do not approve and completely reject the idea that God was not creating us !! God exists and of this, I speak for myself and respect both atheists and those who think in his own way. I am sure, but not only for my Christian faith, but also because of my in-depth studies and some certainties I have received in my life. So much for getting you to know more about the subject I put the link to the Italian site of the Rael or Raeliani sect if you also prefer to get an idea about whether you have any interest is obvious: Raeliani's Italian site I wish you a good read and as usual I invite you all to think about what is displayed on the site remembering that each of us is free to think and believe in what he wants. -Shindai-
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