giovedì 17 agosto 2017


Let's now go back to the topic dedicated to the creature vampires which have been reported to date by the past, but from contemporary reality it does not seem to me to date. Let's leave some psychopath who has attacked some people in the USA, maybe because he had mental problems, but we try to analyze reality ... In my post devoted to vampirism I have to say that from the past we have come as we have said many testimonies from the legal medicine of the time especially from the countries of Eastern Europe where an unusual virus meant that the dead would come alive to suck blood at night Of their victims. To date, there is no trace of such a virus unless it is a manifestation to check whether it is true or not, such as that of the Highgate cemetery, where in the mid 1970's it was thought that it was full of vampires who were wandering in those places. But if it is true that some vampires are wandering around for cemeteries today, then I have to think that they have become more wise than normal because I think they have moved their delicious menus on common animals to not give too much in their eyes ... In my opinion, I believe that there is some truth in the subject, but I always remind myself of a more scientific and paranormal solution and to understand what I'm talking about just reviewing my post about vampirism. If you have hidden or not vampires sincerely do not know, I will not be sure to turn around in cemeteries at night to try to figure out where they are over. If the vampire virus existed in fact would be a great medical discovery, although in my opinion the vampire should not imagine it as in the movies but as a person suffering from a serious illness that leads him to live in lugged and unhealthy places without long canines and Sharp, with a clear discharge from the main blood orifices and in a state of continuous life and death. I do not know how true it is to say that they are immortal and that they can only be killed with the palettes in the heart or similar things, but the disease if it existed would be a serious form to be studied to prevent it from reproducing in humans. Perhaps for the past the discourse that the disease has existed is a probable event but to say that even today this situation is true it seems to me to be too bold as a solution. -Shindai-
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