martedì 15 agosto 2017

Visions in full day - hallucinations or maybe not

After a few days I put my hand back on the PC and go as usual to check email and with great curiosity I find an unusual email of a blog reader who has deeply curious about me ... "... Is it possible for you to be able to see people or animals suddenly that at that particular moment I can only see myself? I happened to see them for a few seconds or minutes, talked to me and they even answered me sometimes But the others did not see them ... I happened about 10 years ago then since then it never happened again The doctors said that it was all right to think about the hundreds of analyzes they submitted to me so they classified and filed everything Like hallucinatory events ... " The human mind is a wonderful mechanism incomprehensible to modern science which is trying to deepen its knowledge about it but with slow and twisting results. Could it be a stressful moment, but if not, does not it seem strange that hallucinations come to talk? Also to me sometimes I seemed to see someone or something to go before I went to nothing but if the hallucinations did not really exist and the ghosts did? Or should only some of them be true hallucinations and others not? The human eye is just a camera machine trying to see all the radiation and then transforming it into colors and then pictures of it would not be so strange if it also resumed something that we catalog as "hallucination". But if we think the mind can give us strange results then explain why with EVP instead, through the use of an electronic apparatus, we can record paranormal events that are really documented and unexplained. I am really convinced that the truth is in the middle as it is not possible to say that science is totally inaccurate and, on the contrary, to issue a judgment against the paranormal by classifying the episodes exclusively as "hallucinogenic" manifestations. -Shindai-
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