mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

Warnings of a future death

Today, I will describe a strange phenomenon linked to premonitions, most by the hand of a medium, in which it is possible to get in touch with unqualified superior entities and discover that very soon someone will die. These phenomena are warnings of a future death and can often occur with premonition of the mind, sensations, sudden symbolic events, mediums that can contact the afterlife, but above all through dreams. Those dreams are, at least in my opinion, the least significant ones because many times it happens to dream of the death of a relative but rarely this manifestation takes hold (fortunately !!!). Much more specific are death warnings given by a deceased who can get in touch with the real world who, having died, has acquired the faculty and the gift of predicting and seeing the future. However, fate is an event that can be changed, so through the change of an action you can save a certain dead person but only if God does not decide that it is now time for us to move to a better life then everything becomes factual inmodificabile. Once she heard the story of a boy in my area who could predict that in the afternoon of a certain day he would die due to a car accident. Everyone told him that he was crazy and that he had fallen into paranoia now, but his warning of death was clear and precise, and with such clarity and precision, the false event arose. Here, too, we go to worlds where we really know little or nothing that I still do not understand because they are studied so little and only by experts and enthusiasts of the industry. -Shindai-
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