giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Wheat circles

Today I want to say my own about a phenomenon that for years I follow with skepticism as I perceive one of those things at the limit of the paranormal. We are talking about what are called "Wheat Circles" or mysterious art designs that suddenly appear in the fields from nothing made by those who have not yet understood. Just the other day I went to see some of the material I had set aside in which we talked about these wheat circles that seem to be generated due to a sudden "melting" of the spine. In fact, this would be a kind of small node that only bends the twig and leaves it leaning on the ground in a direction that realizes a certain design. The most felt and resonant theory says wheat circles are generated by a probable landing of alien navies this theory is plausible since the electromagnetic propulsion of such vehicles can cause the fusion of that famous little knot of the ear above we were talking about. In practice, the design is nothing more than the underneath the ship or rather the "reactor" that controls the vertical movement and partly the horizontal one. Can you tell and how do you say it? Simple because rebuilding such a propulsion system is feasible even to our days just that they do not want it almost certainly to say it is obvious. I say yes, but does not say anything to word area 51? Without fantasizing too much about the aliens, do you think they have to comb the dolls from morning to night? Obviously not, as Robert Bob Lazar, an ex-engineer who participated in area 51 experiments, said, the alien propulsion system is based on a so-called electromagnetic propulsion engine which would explain how wheat circles can be designed with such precision as well as the fact That ears seem to be "combed" in the sense of propulsion propulsion. In my opinion, therefore, it may be the work of man, since experiments we are never informed will make it to thousands I do not see why the military can not have done some strange air experiment we do not know about. Or the alien theory is true and in that case the justification of the circles in the grain would be explained by the passage of a car that could be landed on the ground. -Shindai-
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