venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Wicca paganism

Today, I would like to address the theme related to an emerging religion, but perhaps the most appropriate term for describing Wicca, or modern paganism, is reborn. Paganism as we know it was one of the most practiced religions in ancient civilizations before the advent of Christianity and other well-known religions. At present, the Wiccans, as they call themselves, are a religious community linked to the cultures of their gods who practice their rites mainly in the naturalistic environment for example in the woods. The ignorance of many identifies them as Satanists because of their symbologies, see, for example, the five-pointed pentacle or star, which leads many of Wicca's believers to be unfairly labeled as heretics. The reality is quite different, in fact, the Wiccan is nothing but a pagan who believes in some divinities now forgotten by man and that interacts with nature practicing magic through rituals and spells. I do not want to talk about them because they really do not practice their environment so I do not feel qualified to make judgments about it because I am a true Christian tendentious to a "Templar" form of my origins. If it were for me to favor the return of the Templars as they were my relatives by both parents, surely my advice would still be a Christian-speaking choice and certainly not to embrace Wicca. Every person is free to believe in what Wicca wants, as any religion, to give his own explanation of the mystery of life and of what surrounds us. The Wiccan are organized and also have a website where they participate in various activities by organizing congresses on Wicca, rallies, magic courses etc. etc. I remember for all those who want to know more than confuse Wicca with Satanism is like saying Christians are Hinduists! Although something in the Wicca may look like satanic symbols, this does not mean that the Wiccans are in fact ... If you really have the curiosity to understand what the Wicca puts you a link to their website: Wicca -Shindai-
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