venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Witches flying!

Time ago I watched a strange amateur recorded video in South America where a humanoid figure was filmed on a broom with the famous cap. A local police officer a few hours later said he was past a cemetery and saw flying witches flying on flying volcanoes over it! Then after a few minutes one of these witches or humanoid figures pointed to the policeman's car, who asserted that the beard had a pointed hat, grayish skin, red eyes, and was totally out of control because he was attacking 'Auto with extreme violence. For this police officer the fright was so strong that he was faint and he was uncovered in the car patrol unconscious by his colleagues. But what could have reduced it so? Were aliens vaguely reminded of the figure of a witch or did man really have the vision of these beings transformed by demonic possessions? Of course, watching the movie I have to say that the resemblance of the humanoid being on the broom seems to be a beautiful and good witch just as it is described in popular folklore. You can find the movie on youtube I managed to see him there by writing things like witch sighted in mexico or Mexican witch movie. -Shindai-
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