giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Zombie between belief and reality

Films do not end up profitable products from movie houses to more than I can, among which we could only mention one of the most famous such as Resident Evil for which they did well in 4 movies and some series of console games. We are talking about the so-called Zombie, for which many have done horrible horror movies in which people who had been infected by a terrible virus once they died resurfaced to look for human flesh to eat. With all these films going around here and there, none of them seem to be making up for really occurring episodes but only in a beautiful and good transformation of what actually appears to be just a Haitian story. In fact, in Haiti there would be shamans called the Bokor who would be able to turn people into Zombie but with the variation that transformed people do not go around to attack and eat people but would only be changed into a sort of "sleepwalking perennials. " The inhabitants of Haiti are afraid of the transformation, by using "natural" drugs of animal and vegetable origin, in zombies but not by the fact that they go about eating people but for the sole reason that they lose their personality by precipitating In a "vegetative" state in which they would run around in the nothing commanded by any person they want. Nothing real and no apocalyptic scenery of whole cities full of living deaths waiting for your passage to shreds! There is not even a virus that can cause such a transformation, but only a legendary metropolitan history on which cinematography continues to produce more and more scary and scenic films. -Shindai-
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